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Hub City Homers: Basketball Primer

Kendall has the good on the new season!

Basketball season is finally upon us. Texas Tech looks to continue to improve in the Mark Adams era, and just like across the country a lot of new faces will be a part of the effort.

Kendall is recording solo on this one, bringing 27ish minutes of basketball content to help setup the recordings.

Listen for the roster breakdowns, the play profiles, the schedule talk, and overall expectations for the new season. The first game is just a few days away, and we will be covering the season like clockwork from now on.

Time to get excited for year two under Coach Adams, and let this podcast get you up to speed so you sound knowledgeable when the games start with all your Red Raider friends and coworkers. Can’t wait for tip-off, as the most exciting major spectator sport is once again back in West Texas. Stay tuned for more recaps, analysis, and content all year long!