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Hub City Homers #60: One last home ride

Texas Tech is set to face the Oklahoma Sooners on Senior Night.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving spent eating too much and laughing with friends and family even more. Maybe you watched football together, or maybe you talked lots of trash about football with relatives.

Whatever the case, I hope it was wonderful.

Not to bring my own crap into this too much, but this episode’s release was delayed exclusively because I was not able to get myself up to writing the promo for it. However, Jack and Kendall put in the work, so I have dragged myself here tonight to celebrate that and start to try and shake off a truly awful week.

Texas Tech has the Sooners up next, Oklahoma coming in having one of their program’s worst seasons in recent memory. Both teams are sitting at 6-5 and looking to move up the bowl ladder with a big win.

Who will win? What are the matchups that will decide that fact? Give a listen!