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Red Raiders look to build off of last years performance on offense against the Jayhawks

Texas Tech needs to win two out of their last three games in order to become bowl eligible, and they should get that first one against Kansas today

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is now in a situation on offense where they can either go back to the guy that won the job at the beginning of the season or the guy who has shown flashes of dual-threat greatness but also flashes of still not being able to read defenses. This decision is crucial and could be the difference in making a bowl game or not.

Whoever is starting at quarterback this week will be facing a Kansas defense that has a solid defensive line that carries their defense as the other positions aren’t really a threat. As we know, that could be all that the Jayhawks need to stop this Tech offense as the offensive line has had some awful play pretty consistently throughout the season.

Their biggest threat and best player would be Lonnie Phelps, who leads their team in sacks and could be the biggest thorn in the Red Raiders side when it comes to moving the ball up and down the field. If our tackles are stinking it up, neither of our quarterbacks will be able to have much impact. Phelps will likely need extra attention on more snaps than not as that’s our best chance at preventing chaos in the backfield.

Another guy to keep an eye on is Kenny Logan Jr., their safety who lines up mostly in the free safety spot but has played more than 100 snaps both in the box and in the slot as well. He is leading the Jayhawks in tackles and is second on the team with two interceptions. Knowing where he’s lined up will be the key to seeing what type of coverage the Jayhawks are playing.

This Kansas defense isn’t a great tackling team, especially in the secondary. If we can get the ball in our playmakers hands, they could easily be one or two missed tackles away from breaking loose on a big gain. Our offensive game plan should be based around that and not on taking too many chances against a feisty secondary that is beatable but also skilled enough to take the ball away.

Texas Tech will look to make it three in a row against the Jayhawks. Last year was a 41-14 spanking, and if we can hold their offense to a pedestrian game we might be able to see something similar. I don’t see that happening this year, but I do see us pulling away in the fourth quarter finally and taking a 52- 35 victory.