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Hub City Homers 19: Providence Live Stream

The gang watches a basketball game.

We back! After a long Holiday hiatus, some of it real some of it due to a busy editor, the Hub City Homers are back!

And this time we tried something different. The episode starts with coordinator talk for football, which is moot because Kittley was just announced which is absolutely my bad for not getting this episode up in time.

However, skip just like ten minutes ahead and you get to the fun! The team watches the Providence game live and comments on what they are seeing. We wanted to try this as because of busy schedules and the basketball season format we may end up recording episodes during games quite often.

So, we wanted to try and see if we could take advantage of that in a unique way for you guys. Let us know if you love it or hate it! We had a blast doing it so if the format was popular enough, we may bust it out on a semi-regular basis.