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It’s official: The Wells has run out of water

Is this the end of the road for Wells?

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Pathetic. The only way I can describe that 2nd half. A story that's been all too familiar in the Matt Wells era.

Another important game, a chance to get bowl eligible, and yet another second half disappointment. The sad thing is, I actually felt like we were much better with a lot of prior mistakes.

The defense was much better. The rushing defense was flat out spectacular against an elite running back in Deuce Vaughn.

In the first half, the offense was very efficient and moving the ball very well. A lot of people were getting involved, the ball was in playmakers hands and the offense was just consistently flowing.

Then what the hell happened? Rhetorical question of course after we saw just a pathetic display of offense. Barely over 100 yards, 0 points, and just straight up awful play calling down the stretch.

The team played not to lose rather than playing to win. The play calling got conservative therefor making the offense predictable. Just as predictable as it has been all year in important games.

Just when it looks like Texas Tech football is turning a corner, they continue to find new ways to lose games. Too many games in the Matt Wells era have ended this way. A second half collapse.

I’ve held off all season on calling on this but I’m here to say it. It’s time for him to go. Get rid of Wells. I don’t know who to replace him quite yet, but there needs to be changes. The continuous incompetence of the coaching staff costs this team big wins year after year. It’s time for change.