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Hub City Homers #16: The Matt Wells Era Ends

Matt Wells is out, who is in?

Well, it has happened. Matt Wells has been relieved of his duties and Cumbie has been elevated to the position of Interim Head Coach. This is the kind of bold, earth shattering, move that could either save the program or leave it wandering in the depressing grey cloud it has lumbered under since Leach was fired.

This is a really intense episode, with the guys talking about first how will Wells be remembered? Did he leave the program better than he found it or are we even further behind?

Of course, the thing everyone wants to talk about is who is next. The guys run through some probable names, and some impossible ones for fun, while also slapping down hard one particular name that starts with a B. Full disclosure, if you’re a fan of that particular hire this is not the episode for you.

They close out the show discussing the merits of making this move now, and the makeup of the search committee itself.