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Hub City Homers #14: Depression thy name is Texas Tech

The hits just keep on coming.

I have no words for just how disappointment I am in the effort against TCU. Oh wait, yes I do and we have them all here for you to listen. I could rant here for thousands of words about all the reasons I am tired Matt Wells football. All the slow starts, all the brain dead schemes, all the ah shucks press conferences after another beating.

Instead, listen to Jack and I (Kendall indisposed due to inclement weather) tear into this regime. Keith Patterson in particular is the target of disgust after his unit yet again looks unprepared and completely out of sorts. If the one bright spot of the Matt Wells era, the somewhat better defense, is no longer shining what does he have?

The answer, as we discuss, is a whole of losing to his name and not many options to stop the bleeding. Let’s just hope Tech can beat Kansas.

Please let us know of any technical difficulties! We will do our best to get them fixed as quickly as possible so you guys can listen and enjoy.