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Texas maintains their iron grip, and Tech is on the move

SMU gets the benefit of the doubt, for now.

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1) University of Texas

Texas had a bad week offensively, at least comparatively to what you would expect. Ehlinger was not his best, but I will give Texas credit for finding a different way to score with the passing game out of sorts.

The question going forward is going to be how many injuries can Texas have before the defense breaks? Right now, they have slowed the bleeding but West Virginia was very effective moving the ball and that raises a read flag.

No one else in the state can make a claim for the top spot, but that could change soon if Texas has another poor offensive outing against Oklahoma.

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2) Baylor

The other Viva the Matador’s writers do not share this opinion, so don’t come at them: Baylor is overrated. They have had an extremely favorable schedule, and I have not been impressed at all by the results.

That being said, undefeated is undefeated. If they beat Tech this Saturday I will eat crow, but I think that vaunted defense is built on a house of cards. If the Bears D is as good as advertised though, this will be an excellent year. I just am not buying stock yet. Why did they get the nod over SMU? Because I default to a talent level assumption comparing the G5 to P5

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3) SMU

I will give the Mustangs this one break. A bad outing is putting it lightly when describing needing 3 overtimes to beat Tulsa, but they found a way to win. That comeback was miraculous and this team has a team of destiny vibe.

I don’t know if SMU is actually deserving of this spot, but I know they have a great chance to run the table. The AAC is still the best G5 conference, but with UCF and UH in the dumps compared to previous years, there is a chance here. Not saying it is a done deal, but an AAC championship for the first time is very doable for the Mustangs.

4) Texas Tech

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That about sums up how I am feeling after Saturday. If Duffey plays like he did in the second half, Tech is set for a great year. Defensive injuries are mounting, but as long as the front seven is this stout and stays healthy I think a competent defense is what we will finally have. Our days of failing to put up any resistance may be over. This isn’t a top twenty-five defense by any stretch, but teams will have to actually scheme to get past our boys.

Our secondary is going to struggle against better arms, but no one can fault what our defensive line has been doing. Jordyn Brooks is the best linebacker in the country, don’t @ me. I am excited again for the season, and I believe Tech is going to shock the world again and come out of Waco with a big win.

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech

5) Texas A&M

The bye-week blues for the Aggies before Alabama beats them like a redheaded step-child. I have watched enough to think I have feel for this team. They play good defense, not great, but good and they struggle to run the ball offensively.

The gist is they just are not as good as anyone in College Station was hoping. They needed Mond to live up to the hype, and they needed their defense to be dominant. Looking at their schedule, this could be one of the worst years in Aggieland since Pre-Sumlin. I am sure glad they wrote that massive check.

6) TCU

I will eventually evaluate all my various hot takes at the end of the season. One I am feeling most confident in is TCU. Their defense just can’t mask how bad their quarterback play is. I predicted TCU would be unable to win games with that quarterback room, and I have been spot on so far.

There is hope, if they can cut down on the self inflicted gunshot wounds they can maybe squeak out a bowl appearance. But they just need something from a quarterback, and thus far they are not getting it.

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7) Houston

Houston rebounded with a win over North Texas, but that isn’t enough to escape last. Cincinnati is a real test coming up, if this team is going to compete the rest of the year will be decided in the game. If they roll over to a better team, then the season is over.

But if Dana can fire his boys out and fight through the adversity they are facing then maybe they can ruin someone’s season than go bowling.