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Texas Tech vaults Xerox U, and Kansas State returns to earth

This week once again exploded last week’s rankings.

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1) Oklahoma

The Sooners looked mortal, for half a second. That ridiculous third and goal from the 50 aside, the Sooners easily pulled away from the Jayhawks. Unsurprisingly playing in Kansas does not exactly inspire a lot of passion and the ten fans at the game were treated to a surprisingly close first half.

But then Oklahoma woke up and the rest is history. I stand by my prediction, no team will come within 14 points of the Sooners until the CFP. Texas has been decimated by injuries on the back end, which will allow Hurts to carve them up with ease. The retooled defense will limit Ehlinger just enough to prove me correct in a high-scoring but not close game.

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2) University of Texas

Letting West Virginia keep it close isn’t the best sign, but Morgantown is a very hard place to play and Texas still managed a two score victory. The defense is a huge area of concern, injuries have taken a young defense and emptied it.

The bright side is the offense is just extremely efficient. Sam had a mediocre day through the air, but the offense kept the ball moving on the ground. I don’t expect Ehlinger to have such a rough day against Oklahoma but the Horns will need a miracle to keep up with the Sooners.

3) Baylor

Ugh. Just ugh. I hate having to do this but the Bears just keep freaking winning games and that is all that matters. Their ground game is not good, their quarterback is mediocre, and I don’t believe their defense is that good as they have yet to play a half decent offense.

I will give the bears credit though, they dominated Kansas State. Largely, I think this tells me KSU is coming back to reality but it was impressive to take the ball away that many times.

The Bears are going to lean on their defense this season, which is just wild to me. Like I said, I have not been impressed by the offenses they have played but so far they are winning games on that side of the ball. If that continues, they can win a lot of games.

I thoroughly believe Baylor will get smacked in the mouth as early as this weekend, but I always reward winners. Somebody, Tech preferably, beat this team so I don’t have to rank them this high.

4) Texas Tech

You’re damn right I am overreacting to the win, but considering how bad the teams lower on this have looked at times I stand by it. This was one of the most impressive wins in years, with both the offense and defense dominating.

Despite the pile up of injuries on defense, the first half was about as perfect as you can be. Even when Oklahoma State started driving, the defense still did enough to keep them from getting any real momentum.

Jett Duffey took a half to wake up, but once he got comfortable he was really dealing out there. The running backs continue to run hard, and the offensive line played a far cleaner game. Finally, the talent this team had on offense was allowed to shine. This was a come to Jesus week for Yost, and he delivered his best game-plan.

I cannot say enough about how this team responded to adversity, and with this win the goals I had laid out are still very achievable. 8-4 is a distinct possibility, and I won’t write off the possibility of more. The defense is finally competent, and the offense is opening it up which will lead to production closer to what we have all associated with Texas Tech football.

Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

5) Iowa State

Finally, the Cyclones played a complete game against a good opponent. They trashed TCU, much to my delight. The defense was stout and the offense was balanced. Ames is another underrated place to play, and this team is tough if nothing else.

I was looking for this kind of performance from Iowa State all year, and they finally delivered. Brock Purdy is not the highlight machine Cyclone faithful hoped but he is a good quarterback, and as long as he does what he did against the Horned Frogs the Cyclones will be in every game they play.

I am desperately hoping Tech can knock these guys off, but that will be a tough outing. Matt Cambell sure can coach.

6) Oklahoma State

Hubbard is all that and a bag of chips. Spencer Sanders is the opposite. I won’t blame the young signal caller entirely, Tech obliterated his offensive line but even when he did have time to throw he didn’t look great and the fumbles were rough.

The play calling was bizarre, why not just feed Chuba Hubbard a 100 times? But the biggest concern besides the awful offensive line play is that Jett Duffey carved up the defense.

I think Duffey is finally ready to be a Big 12 starter but still, to not force one turnover against him is hard to fathom. The guy always puts the ball in danger, as he did this weekend and Oklahoma State never made him pay. The Cowboys need to regroup in a big way.

7) Kansas State

The Cats have fallen back down to Earth after an amazing start. Offensively, they need to find a way to move the ball effectively and score. Back to back poor offensive performances is what is killing this team. The bright side is the defense is playing pretty well, but you can’t win games with under 20 points.

Kleiman is just dealing with reality at this point, Snyder did not have much talent for him. That’s o.k., Kleiman will get his guys and have the Wildcats on the move sooner rather than later. This season might get a bit uglier, but I still think Kansas State will get to 6 wins this.

8) West Virginia

You finally did it West Virginia, you escaped my dog house. Do I think you are good at football? No, I do not. But you looked competitive against a good opponent and that was enough to move you from the bottom of the pack.

The offense looked far improved this week against Texas’ duct-taped defense, and the defense basically ended Ehlinger’s Heisman chances. West Virginia, like Kansas State, was always going to be in a rebuild this year but this weekend’s performance was a big step forward.

If the Mountaineers can play like this consistently they may even have a shot at a bowl game. You can finally smile a little Mountaineer faithful.

Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

9) TCU

TCU is officially #bad. They aren’t great defensively, and their offense is really bad. With Duffey solidifying himself, TCU once again is left with the worst quarterback play in the conference. This year cannot end soon enough in Fort Worth. At least they didn’t get embarrassed by Kansas again.

I predicted mediocrity for TCU, and they are worse than that. Patterson is a good coach,but you just can’t win football games without at least competent quarterback play. At least not without a truly dominant defense.

Maybe the TCU defenses of old could save this team, but this year’s edition got scorched by SMU and now Iowa State. They just don’t have anything to hang their hat on this season.

10) Kansas

Props for keeping it close for a minute and giving us all some laughs. Basketball season is almost here, as long as your program doesn’t get the death penalty that should be fun.