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Dakota Allen snubbed from Bednarik award

How is Dakota not at least in the running for best defensive player of the year?

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Dakota Allen is the best defender in the Big 12. I really hope that is not debated at this point, because it really shouldn’t be.

He will go to the NFL, and will have an awesome career. He plays hard, and he’s insanely athletic. He makes critical open field tackles and can cover when asked to.

But apparently, the Bednarik award does not recognize how good he is. They recently released their semifinalists for the award, which tracks the best defensive player in college football. Allen is noticeably no longer on the list.

From my perspective, this just screams anti-Big 12 bias. Not a single Big 12 defender is listed on the watch list. In a conference known for the offensive side of the ball, their are some great defenders. To not get a single name on the list just tells me the award committee believes the B.S. about the conference and is ignoring great play.

The true shame is Allen being snubbed, but really the conference being snubbed really rubs salt into the wound.