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Madden reveals Mahomes ratings

What did Madden think of the Texas Tech gunslinger?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs-Minicamp Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There’s nothing better than getting your brand new Madden game, starting career mode, and creating a player in your likeness, but for Pat Mahomes, he won’t have to create a brand new player anymore.

Madden released ratings for the top rookies on Wednesday, as players begin training camps. Former Tech QB & No. 10 overall pick Pat Mahomes received a 76 rating putting him on par with other first round QB Deshaun Watson who was selected two picks behind. Mitchell Trubisky, Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz, all 77 ratings, are the only rookie QBs to have gotten higher initial ratings in the past two seasons and all of those QBs were selected in the first two picks.

To the surprise of no one, Mahomes’ best rating was his “Throw Power” at 97. Other high marks were his, “Throw Accuracy Short” at 83, “Acceleration” at 87, “Juke Move” at 82, and “Toughness” at 84. Mahomes topped all other rookie QBs in “Throw Power”, “Elusiveness”, “Throw on the Run”, and “Agility”. Madden developers seem to believe in the young prospect and most importantly don’t list him too far behind current starter Alex Smith who’s rated at 81 overall.

Not to be outdone, Tech alum Davis Webb received his 73 rating, putting him 5th among rookie QBs. Webb did not receive the high mobility marks as Mahomes but did match him in speed at 79, also received higher marks than Mahomes across the board in terms of accuracy.

Both Mahomes and Webb will look to improve their ratings on the field as the year and their careers move on. However now that training camp has begun, these ratings will be the least of their worries.