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ESPN Ranks Texas Tech No. 1 in the Big 12 (But not how you might think)

Texas Tech tops the Big 12 according to ESPN

Oklahoma State  v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

ESPN Big 12 writer Jake Trotter ranked Texas Tech first in the Big 12 during his weekly mailbag last Friday…

First in the Big 12 in regards to which school has the best press box based on his experience, that is.

While we ranked uniforms, cities, mascots, and stadiums this summer, nobody at Viva the Matadors has been inside the press boxes of the Big 12 schools, so we didn’t think to rank those. Luckily, Trotter did it for us, and his rankings are quite favorable.

ESPN and other media outlets are bound to release pre-season predictions and Big 12 power rankings sometime in the coming weeks. While I doubt Texas Tech will be number one in many of those, it’s nice to get some recognition for another aspect of the college football experience.

So if you see ESPN’s Jake Trotter at the Jones this season when Texas Tech faces Oklahoma, be sure to buy him a hot dog or a coke to thank him for the shout out.