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Big 12 Uniforms, Ranked

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a list ranking the Big 12 uniforms based on my arbitrary opinion and a brief explanation for the ranking. Here we go…

10. Iowa State: Ketchup and mustard, anyone?

9. Texas Tech (sometimes): I’m really not trying to rag on us, but some of the uniforms we’ve worn in recent years were hideous. Burn the Ombre and the Lone Star Pride uniforms and let’s stick to our more simple looks.

8. TCU: At the risk of sounding hypocritical (I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan), the purple just doesn’t do it for me. Too often, the Horned Frogs come up with some ugly combination of uniforms, whether it be the awful camouflage or just the inability to make purple and black work.

7. Kansas: Jayhawk blue is a good look. But I’m not crazy about some of the “KU” fonts they use nor am I a fan of when their helmets are completely covered by the image of a bird.

6. West Virginia: The more they avoid yellow, the better. The Mountaineers’ navy uniforms are pretty solid, and the flying “WV” is a classic look. Their throwback uniforms with the state of West Virginia on the helmet also look really nice.

5. Oklahoma: Clean and simple. Even though I’m not crazy about the school colors, I must respect the Sooners’ standard look. Their alternate uniforms don’t impress me much, though.

4. Texas: This is hard to write, but the Longhorns’ look is a classic. Their home and away uniforms are both really nice. Some aren’t a fan of burnt orange, and I wouldn’t ever wear it, but I think Texas pulls it off nicely.

3. Kansas State: For whatever reason, they pull off purple five times better than TCU. I really like the Wildcats’ home and away uniforms. Maybe it’s the silver that adds the right touch.

2. Baylor: I hate to admit it, but green and gold is a killer combination. The simpler Baylor keeps it, the better. Their foray into the world of black and silver were in poor taste. If they stick to their school colors with the classic “BU” lettering on the helmets, Baylor will continue to have one of the cleanest looks in the conference.

1. Texas Tech (sometimes): When the Red Raiders get it right, they really get it right. Between the all red uniforms, the all black uniforms, and the throwbacks with the old school Double T, Texas Tech has some of the best uniform combos in the country. And the red and black color combination is the best balance of intimidating vs. flash that there is. Stick to the ones that work!

Note: Oklahoma State is not ranked.