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Don’t Sleep on Houston Miller

Miller is going to run everyone over and he’s not going to stop

Nikopoia (Edit)

Everyone seems to be talking about Houston Miller as if he’s come out of nowhere to shock everyone, including head coach Kliff Kingsbury. In case you missed it, it’s not out of nowhere. He put people on notice a long time ago, stated what he was going to do on day 1 and now all he’s done is execute that plan so far.

Houston got on everyone’s radar, as fall camp opened, by bringing in an air mattress and sleeping in front of his locker. Suddenly, everyone was asking questions about Houston Miller. Even now, with all the attention Houston has gotten over the first week of practice, it may seem we are trying to jump on this trend of clicks. Not so. Other than a few “pay-wall” sites, we’ve gotten to know Houston very well.

We’ve had the great fortune of having Houston on our podcast, The Air Raid, twice! See what you miss when you don’t listen? Now granted you only get a piece of his mindset on air (because we promised him we’d keep some stuff off the record), but there is no doubt his mindset is absolutely dominating as it comes to his work ethic and the goals he sets for himself. Redshirting? Only if the team is wearing Red jerseys that game. One of his biggest goals is to start from Day 1.

Take a listen... This is interview number two with Miller. It starts around the 17:35 mark.

Basically, Houston Miller wants to arrive on campus and “show everyone up”. Sounds bad until you hear his motivation for doing so and then it just inspires you. For a first day of sleeping in front of your locker, knocking down two Mahomes’ passes, getting mentioned by Kingsbury during the presser and having an article written on by every local outlet and pay-wall site there is, is a pretty good first day.

In his own words, he’s putting the coaching staff, his teammates and the rest of the Big 12 on notice... it’s Miller time. In what may be the beginning of a dominant defensive front, anchored by Miller and true sophmore Breiden Fehoko, Big 12 teams are going to have to know where Miller is every snap and may have to allocate another player to Miller to keep him from just wreaking havoc in the backfield.

Just wait. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Need more Houston Miller, here is our interview with him on National Signing Day.