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Lady Raiders to take a Spain/Portugal trip in August

The Lady Raiders are taking a freaking sweet trip

Kansas v Texas Tech Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Lady Raider basketball team is heading on one of the best trips of all time. Candi Whitaker and crew will be spending 11 days in Portugal and Spain, playing games in Lisbon, Barcelona, and Madrid.

The Red Raiders will take on CRC Quinta Dos Lombos in Lisbon, Madrid Select in Madrid, and Barcelond Select in Barcelona. They will have at least a day of rest between each game, so at least some of the time will be spent seeing the sights of Spain and Portugal.

With the Men’s basketball team going to Puerto Rico, I’m finding myself wishing I had worked on my jumper more in high school. The life experience of visiting another country is an amazing experience for these young women and men, and the Lady Raiders in particular will get a chance to see how they stack up against international competition.

The games start on August 18th, and there will be a live blog on you can follow for updates of the Lady Raider’s experiences.