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Texas Tech Uniform Tournament Results

The fans have spoken, and here's what they think...

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The winner of our Texas Tech football uniform tournament is...

*drum roll, please*

The white 1990's era throwbacks!

After nearly 2,500 votes were cast in the championship round, the white throwbacks ran away with the title, earning 70% of the vote. Based on the entirety of the uniform tournament, I think we can draw a few conclusions:

1. Texas Tech fans love the throwbacks and/or the old school Double T. Not only did the white throwbacks win the whole tournament, but the black throwbacks made the semifinals as well.

2. The simpler, the better. For the most part, Texas Tech fans seem to like the more simple uniform combinations the most. In addition to the throwbacks being successful, "plain" combinations did very well too. The more exotic Lone Star Pride and Ombre uniforms performed very poorly.

3. Red Raider fans don't like grey either. Every uniform combination that featured grey (except for the black throwbacks that had grey pants) lost fairly convincingly in the first round, regardless of what type of uniform combination it was going up against.

Hopefully whoever is in charge of the Texas Tech equipment will take notes. We want to see more of the throwbacks and would absolutely hate Grey Ombre Lone Star Pride uniforms. Thank you everyone for following along and voting throughout the tournament - we had a lot of fun. Guns up!