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Recapping Texas Tech Coach Beard's Introductory Press Conference

We get you up to speed on the what the new coach had to say this morning.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

By far this was one of the more emotional press conferences I have ever seen at Texas Tech. You could tell right away that coach Beard is very excited and truly wants to be here. I cannot say that I was totally in love with this hire initially, but after hearing him speak about his daughters, his new players, and Texas Tech University I am fully behind everything Chris Beard is about from this point forward. The press conference was open to the public at the United Supermarkets Arena where the media and fans gathered to hear Beard speak for the first time as head coach.

  • Chris Beard stated several times today, "This is my dream job".  Any thoughts that he wants to use this job as a stepping stool should be put to bed after today.
  • Chris Beard knows the history of Texas Tech Basketball and not just because he was an assistant coach here for ten years. He made reference to attending former coach/AD Gerald Myers' basketball camp when he was 9 years old. Also Beard mentioned James Dickey and his sweet sixteen run in the late 1990's. Legit or not Beard made it sound as if he had been following Tech basketball a long time.
  • When asked about recruiting Beard mentioned his staff would recruit anywhere in the country, but said they would start in Texas. This is not breaking news, but it is good that part of his plan is to recruit nationally.
  • One of the most important statements Beard made was regarding the state of the program. He admitted that this is not a rebuild situation and the team is fresh off a NCAA tourney appearance. I was impressed he acknowledged this and I think he understands that not making the big dance next year is not an option and will sit squarely on his shoulders if it happens.
  • Beard spent a lot of time learning under former Coach Bob Knight. I think that was apparent because of two points he mentioned today. Beard talked about winning by following the rules and his players graduating. Those were both pillars of Bob Knight basketball.