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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup, 5/11

The Red Raiders have quite a few offers out, let's check out some offensive recruits who could make an early impact.

Last week things started to fall apart for Texas A&M recruiting with 5-star QB Tate Martell decommitting, and he was followed by 4-star WR Mannie Netherly after an Aggies' coach went on a Twitter rant following Martell's decision to open his recruitment back up. Luckily, Texas Tech hasn't had any such drama and the recruiting trail is starting to pick up for the Red Raiders. This week I'll take a look at Netherly along with a new RB target and an OL prospect hailing from Duck country.

Mannie Netherly | 6'2", 180 lbs | Wide Receiver

Crosby High School (Crosby, TX)

24/7  | Rivals | Scout

Last week Texas A&M's wide receiver coach went on a Twitter rant after Tate Martell decommitted from the Aggies. Netherly didn't take too lightly to what his future coach was saying and he decommitted as well. Could Texas Tech snag him now? It looks to be a long shot, but crazier things have happened. Texas Tech offered Netherly last April and at the time it was only his third offer along with SMU and Louisiana-Lafayette. Netherly now holds 27 offers with some of those offers coming from LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Michigan St, Texas, and Oklahoma. So as I mentioned, it's a long shot. If the coaching staff has built a relationship though you never know! Netherly plays QB and WR in high school but it appears that he will play WR at the next level. When watching his film, he just seems like a more natural fit at WR and plays the position very well.

Jordon Curtis | 6'0", 180 lbs | Running Back

Jenks High School (Jenks, OK)

24/7 NR | Rivals NR | Scout

Texas Tech offered Curtis on April 28th and he now holds 7 offers. Illinois, Kansas, Iowa St and Rice are some of the other schools who have offered him. Curtis is a one-cut-and-he's-gone type of running back. What I mean by that is that he doesn't dance around behind the line or make a lot of unnecessary jukes. He sees where he wants to go on the field, makes the correct cut, and he's off to the races. I really like what he could bring to the Texas Tech backfield. He could be Justin Stockton 2.0. Curtis also plays some DB, but if I had to guess they're pursuing him as a RB given his success at the position.

Jaxson Kirkland | 6'7", 305 lbs | Offensive Line

Jesuit High School (Portland, OR)

24/7  | Rivals | Scout

Kirkland is a mountain of a young man, standing at 6'7" and 305 lbs you'd have to be crazy not to offer him a scholarship. He currently has a handful of offers including California, Oregon St, Washington St, Hawaii, and UCLA. Kirkland towers over his high school opponents and over powers them with ease. A nice thing to see is him working through the multiple levels when blocking. On screen plays he gets out into the flats in a hurry as well. Those poor DBs need to keep their heads on a swivel or Kirkland might literally knock them into a coma. The offensive line will be young for the next few years so he could make an impact early if he ends up a Red Raider.

This time last year Texas Tech had 7 commits for their recruiting cycle. Two of those decommitted though and the coaches pulled an offer after an off the field incident with one of the recruits. So there really isn't much difference in where things stand this year versus last. The 3 guys we have at the moment seem to be locks, but then again you can't ever call anything a lock until National Signing Day. This summer, the commitments should really start coming in.

2017 Football Commits

Xavier Martin: Quarterback, Steele High School (Cibolo, TX)

Jack Anderson: Offensive Line, Frisco High School (Frisco, TX)

Dawson Deaton: Offensive Line, Frisco High School (Frisco, TX)