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Q&A: Texas Tech vs. TCU

What are Horned Frogs thinking about their matchup with Texas Tech?

TCU v Texas Tech

We asked Mason Chreene from our SB Nation TCU sister site “Frogs O War” a few questions about the 2016 season and tomorrow’s show down in Cow Town. Here’s what he had to say:


1. How in God's name is TCU going to try stopping Pat Mahomes?

I don't think we, nor anyone not named Alabama, can stop Patrick "Patty Melt" Mahomes. All you can really do is slow him down. As for TCU, our defense hasn't been playing well enough for me to believe that we can really slow him down at all. At this moment it's kind of like asking a toddler, who is just learning how to walk, to try and stop an 18 wheeler going full Dukes of Hazard on the highway by jumping in front of it. So if our game plan isn't to slow the game down, by sustaining long drives and a commitment to the run game,and keep Mahomes off the field for as long as possible then here is what I propose:

We don't play any defense. In fact, we just make Mahomes account for all of the yards possible in this one. I believe that there is a set number of yards a certain player can reach in a single game before they physically break down. All we have to do is let Mahomes score waves upon waves of points in this one, and then once he breaks down and his arms and legs fall off, we start trying on defense. This point can be better illustrated by this clip here.

If that doesn't work, then us Frogs can take solace that he is yet to win a game on the road this season

2. As bad as our defense is, you can pick your poison on offense. Will TCU have more success on the ground or through the air?

This is a tough question given the Texas Tech defense. Now, if we actually commit to the run game (which we most certainly won't), I believe that is where we would be able to do the most damage. That's because I truly believe that our best player is Kyle Hicks. He's a walking highlight tape, who is like a lighter version of Le'Veon Bell. It's a tragedy that he never gets to touch the ball 20 times a game because of how often we like to sling it through the air. Now we do have a fantastic receiving core, theTrill-est quarterback around, and a tendency to call more passing plays so the reality will end up being our passing game that finishes with big numbers.

3. My understanding is Turpin will be back for the first time in a few weeks. What should we expect from him?

As much as I love Turp, I don't think we are going to see him in anything more than a limited role. He's coming back from a PCL tear, so if we're lucky we may see him return a punt or two (if there are any in this game) or what I think is more likely, he'll line up on a few plays to draw attention from the defense and that'll be it. I'm not ready to expect any pre-injury Turp antics just yet.

4. With the Big 12 not expanding and basically set to die, what conference is TCU going to end up in a decade from now?

The Big 12. I'm getting my "Big 12 Foreva" grill installed within the next 5 years...but if I had to guess, The Pac-12. More than likely it's the same place the Tech goes.

5. What type of game do you think this will be, and what's your final score prediction?

At this point in the season College Football is a pretty drunk mess. My predicting skills have been less than stellar this year, but I'll give it a go.

I've gotta go with the Frogs over Mahomes in this one. Even though we suffered our worst loss of the season last week, our defense played much better than in any of the other losses and flashed potential. I expect there to be points, but only about 80ish in this one, compared to the 100+ in the past two contests. With our injured corners slowly getting back to full strength, especially with the vastly improved play of starting corner Ranthony Texada, I think it's going to be 51-42 in favor of the home team. We'r going to get just enough stops on 3rd down, by taking an option away from Mahomes on the outside, for TCU to squeak by with a scoring drive or two. I think we get to see the rare Texas Tech punt squad around 3 or 4 times. There will be points, fireworks, and at least one player is going to have a career day.

6. Realistically, which bowl game do you want TCU to end up in this year?

The Suga--*holds back tears* well I would love for the Frogs to go back to the Alamo bowl. I love visiting the city of San Antonio, and it's always fun to play a team from the Pac-12. I've also always wanted to go to the Bahamas, and from what I've heard the Bahama Bowl always ends in the most lit fashion. However, I don't think that we can qualify for that one, so I think that we'll end up around 8-4 and on our way to either the Texas Bowl or the Liberty Bowl. I hope it's the latter, because I love Memphis and need to dust off my Three Six Mafia CD's.


1. 60 years ago TCU was hell-bent on keeping Texas Tech out of the Southwest Conference. 20 years ago TCU got left behind in the original Big 12. Can we call it even?

Well 60 years ago Elvis Presley recorded Heartreak Hotel, so that's pretty neat! The way I see it, regardless of the conference, you guys have had to live in Lubbock for the entirety of this while we have gotten to nest in cozy Fort Worth. Lubbock's a great place to visit, but I'm the type of guy that needs to be within a 50 mile radius of an In-N-Out burger, so by that logic I have to say we're pretty even. I'm also a good for nothing 21 year old millennial, so what do I really know?

2. Will Gary Patterson wear black or purple? If the score is bad at halftime, will he change?

I think we're going to see purple GP during this one. If the score is bad, I really hope that he tears his shirt asunder and goes full Bielema. If that doesn't happen, then he'll probably just turn his visor backwards in a fashion similar to that of Ash Ketchum.

3. Has he figured out how to double knot his shoes yet? Not trying to be mean to the guy but it's annoying when we get TV shots of him re-tying them over and over.

You know, that's a great question. I'm 21 and I don't think I've fully mastered the art of the double knot just yet either. I mean I can tie them, but they always seem to get undone when I walk a lot. It's just one of the superstitious things that he does that makes Gary...well Gary. Let me answer your question with a question. Do you ever get tired of seeing Kliff's hair stand still in the strongest of winds? Or do you ever get tired of seeing him strike that vintage crouching pose on the sideline where he holds the play card up against his face, to the point where all you can see is his sunglasses?

4. Who slighted Baker Mayfield worse: Tech or TCU? He's whined a lot about both.

Gawrsh this one is tough. While yes on his end it may have seen like TCU yanked an "offer" right out from under him, but in reality I doubt he got super cat-fished and I'm still not sure if it even happened like that at all. I think I'd have to go with Tech though. How dare he get kicked out of a bar despite being under age!? But seriously, probably Tech, because he wasn't really given the knowledge that he would receive a scholarship after his play up to that point (at least to my knowledge). Hopefully we will both slight him next year by beating him by a combined score of 169-0.

Also if we had to argue about, of all the people that Mayfield has complained about, who has slighted him the most...we'd be here for a really long time.

5. TCU is a lot like Tech in that it has some awesome uniform combos and also some dreadful ones. Which combo(s) is/are your favorite?

Well, I've got like three. We just wore my personal favorite uniform, the all white with the purple chrome facemask, but we haven't played well in those so we probably won't see them anytime soon. I also loved our new all black uniforms that we rolled out this year. But it's honestly so hard to beat the look of white pants and purple tops. Just looks so fresh and so clean.

6. Mac Engel from the Fort Worth Star Telegram pitched the idea of Gary Patterson coaching at Texas. I doubt it happens, but who would y'all want to replace him if he did leave?

I doubt we'll see GP go anywhere else, considering we just built a statue after him, but if he went off to coach the Kansas City Chiefs, then I think we would love to have our prodigal son return home. Justin Fuente was our OC for a while, and he really gets the school. He's currently at Virginia Tech right now, after lighting the world aflame at Memphis, so I doubt he would leave there...but man would I fall in love with that TCU team so fast. We also could see either of our OC's take over as the head coach. Doug Meacham or Sonny Cumbie are already great fits in Fort Worth and the fans love what they've done for the team so far.