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Staff Predictions - Texas Tech at TCU

How does the staff feel about the game in Ft Worth?

After a back and forth offensive explosion last week, the Red Raiders look to get back on the right track in Ft Worth this week. Last week, as a staff, we predicted a 46-36 loss. Let’s see what we’re thinking this week

Drew Borsellino

Well, last time Texas Tech was in Ft Worth they got rolled. I don't believe this Horned Frogs squad is near as talented as TCU has been in recent years though. Look for Mahomes to put up more video game type numbers in this one. I'm thinking 5 TDs and 500+ yards. I expect that Texas Tech will pull out a W in another high-scoring game.

Tech 59, TCU 55

Drew Parker

TCU in Fort Worth. Usually this game would scare me, but remember, TCU is without a lot of key players from last year, which in my mind will make a pretty big impact. I'm calling a 45-35 win for Tech, Tech will make big plays when they need it.

Austin Jordan

For whatever reason, Tech just doesn't play as well on the road. After a shootout loss at home in the most anticipated game of the season, I'm a little worried the Red Raiders are in a letdown spot. However, last season's heartbreaker and the smackdown from 2014 lead me to believe that Kliff will have them fired up. We may not win, but I expect a fight.

Texas Tech: 34, TCU: 38

Maitland Rutledge

This game could be the difference between Texas Tech going bowling or staying home for the holidays. TCU is 4-3 but still a talented team. They have had Tech's number the past two years. It will also be tough for them going back to the place they gave up 82 points in 2014, but things could be different this year. QB Kenny Hill is far from perfect and I think Tech finally gets a turnover or two this week giving the offense more chances. If Mahomes plays the same as he did last week and the offense is sharp, I think Tech can steal this one in Fort Worth!

Texas Tech 56 TCU 52

Kyle Jacobson

There's nothing sexy about my prediction. Texas Tech will move the ball and score a lot, and TCU will do the same. Ultimately I think the Red Raiders will make enough mistakes to allow the Frogs to win on their home turf.

Texas Tech 42, TCU 52

Eric Linthicum

I do not consider Amon G. Carter stadium a place that provides a huge home field advantage for the Horned Frogs. TCU’s defense is having a tough year and that will allow the game to become a high scoring affair. If the game becomes a shootout like last weekend TCU will not be able to keep up. Give me the Red Raiders!

Texas Tech 55 – TCU 44

Average Final Score: Texas Tech 48.5 TCU 46

As a staff we’re predicting a close game but a slim victory for the Red Raiders