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Wednesday Matador Mailbag 10.26.16

It's time to see what fans had to ask for this week's mailbag!

Texas Tech is on a three-game losing streak and fans had plenty to ask us. Without further delay, let's get right to it!

My thoughts are that there is no way Texas Tech brings him on as the next football coach if Kingsbury loses his job. Kliff has done an exceptional job of keeping the program clean since he arrived. Briles would bring so much negative press and attention to the team. based on what happened at Baylor.

I think the biggest challenge is trying to convince top defensive recruits to come here. One on hand they will believe they could be a starter their freshman year. On the other hand they realize they could be playing for one of the worst defenses in college football. Kingsbury and Gibbs really need to focus these next few years on getting solid defensive recruits to come to Tech.

It wouldn't surprise me if he does that during his free time since he has great arm strength and it seems to be getting better. Kliff speaks highly all the time about Mahomes' great work ethic on the field and off of it. I'm glad he's Texas Tech's quarterback!

I really don't know what head coach would consider Tech at this point. I obviously don't think Kliff will be fired anytime soon. If he was I think Texas Tech would strongly look at someone who is close to Kingsbury or maybe was a part of the Mike Leach coaching tree. Somebody like Dana Holgorsen would be a solid option, but I don't see West Virginia letting him out the door in the near future.

It would not be worth it to start over. Fans need to be patient with Kingsbury. I don't think people realize that he's still trying to find himself because he's one of the youngest coaches in the FBS. He's almost four years and still learning about being a college head coach.

This defense is still very young for the most part. Other than Keenon Ward, Justis Nelson, Paul Banks, D.J. Polite-Bray, Luke Stice, Ondre Pipkins, and Kolin Hill, everyone else who's a starter is either a freshman or a sophomore for the most part. Jordyn Brooks has played well so far this season. If he can continue to develop and grow as a linebacker, I think he and D'Vonta Hinton can be special together. As far as secondary players, I have not seen much. I think Kevin Moore can be a solid corner in the future, especially because he's getting a lot of playing this year so far. It was tough losing Tevin Madison and Nigel Bethel, but I think there are a few defensive backs who can be good a few years from now. Some new talented recruits for Gibbs will also help.

I think Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in college football right now. I know there's Lamar Jackson and others, but he's definitely the most gifted. After the performance he had against Oklahoma, it's hard for the nation not to take notice of Pat's talent.

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