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Saturday's Storyline: Texas Tech vs. Sam Houston St.

What's the biggest storyline for game one of the 2015 season?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

During the season, I will spend Friday's Raider Read on the upcoming game's biggest storyline as I see it. This first game's storyline writes itself. With an FCS opponent on the schedule and the team and fanbase needing a jumpstart after last year's debacle, the storyline is easy:

Do what you are supposed to do!

That means no repeat of last season's Central Arkansas game. Go score early, score often, hold them to about 20 points, limit boneheaded plays and start the season off on the right foot. Those are the things we are supposed to do. Yes, a quarterback hasn't been named. Yes, we have yet another defensive coordinator. Yes, we haven't played a good game in over a year. Yes, we have been undisciplined in terms of turnovers and penalties.

If the Red Raiders go out there and do the things they are supposed to do, all of the junk I listed above goes away for just a little bit. Like the saying goes "winning cures all." The bitterness of last season also goes away. The fanbase gets reenergized. There is hope again in Red Raider nation. It doesn't mean everything is rosy and perfect, but at least we will see a good football game and feel like this team is capable of getting to a bowl game which should be the goal of this season. A season that ends in a bowl appearance would be a step in the right direction for the program, just like a good win to start the season would be a step in the right direction for the season.

If the game is similar to last season's UCA game, then the excitement of college football season will be short-lived for Red Raider nation. Nightmares of last season will be reimagined by both pessimistic and optimistic Tech fans alike. A season filled with too many losses and too few wins is beyond a realistic option. It would almost be inevitable. A few fans might even whisper they wish we still had Tuberville (kidding!).

I can't tell you how enjoyable it would be to watch a good football game out of Red Raiders. I will be hoping to see one.....tomorrow!