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College Football Season Is Better Than Christmas Season

Let's have some fun.

In the spirit of the season (college football season that is), I want to have a little fun. Here are 13 ways college football season is infinitely better than the Christmas season.

1) Yelling at the television is perfectly acceptable during football season.

2) Your wife tolerates you spending all day Saturday on the couch watching football games.

3) No ugly Christmas sweater parties to attend during football season. Yes people, let's stop having those immediately!

4) No one sends cards that are thrown away December 26th having served no purpose other than to collect dust.

5) I don't have to go shopping at the mall during football season.

6) Inviting extended family over to your house is optional during football season.

7) Beer is better than egg nog.

6) Tailgate food > turkey and dressing

7) Fight songs get your blood pumping while Christmas songs drive you crazy.

8) Football season should give you 13 games, while the average American opened 12.9 gifts last year. That extra tenth makes all the difference.

9) Both give you drummers drumming and ladies dancing, but in place of turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree, you get touchdowns and hard hits.

10) You don't have to pretend to like a bad loss. You have to pretend to like a bad gift.

11) Smack talk during Christmas season is considered rude.

12) Black Friday and Cyber Monday don't hold a candle to Rivalry Week and bowl games.

13) And last but not least, there is no creepy fat man breaking into your house, eating all your cookies and drinking all your milk.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas. Football season just happens to be more fun.  Merry Football to all and to all a good night!

Feel free to add to my list in the comments section below. I am sure there are a bunch of reasons I missed.