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Monday Matador Mailbag 8.29.16

The Mailbag is answering all the questions you have about football only, because IT’S GAME WEEK!

If we’re talking about the first game, I’m going with a solid 400. 350 in the air, 50 on the ground.

The only reason I won’t predict more is that I’m predicting him to not play a down in the 4th quarter.

I wish I could answer with a definite, but I’ll go with the contrarian pick and say no one will.

It’s the first game of the year, we’re playing SFA, there are still many tough games to be played. There’s no reason why any receiver will distinguish themselves against a team that just isn’t outstanding. That being said, there’s certainly ways that they can. If Derrick Willies catches 8 passes for 200 yards and 3 TDs, he’ll have asserted himself as the go-to guy. I just think that we’ll spread the rock around too much and SFA won’t provide enough of a challenge to designate any one receiver as the guy.

35-14. That seems reasonable.

Without a defense, it definitely is out of the question. With a defense, we’ll be in the conversation, but it will be an uphill battle.

We’re a team that hasn’t fared well on the road in recent history, particularly in the Kliff Kingsbury era. During that time, Kliff Kingsbury is 8-11 on the road as compared to a flat 19-19 overall, and 10-17 in conference. We will play Arizona State, TCU, Oklahoma State, and Baylor (neutral) on the road this year, with 0 of Kliff’s wins coming from Baylor or Oklahoma State. Even if we have a defense, we’ll have to beat some pretty big teams in really big situations to go 10-2.

It’s not completely out of the question, but I don’t think it’s likely.