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Lubbock Eats: Sweet 16

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This week I kick off a new series, which local spot will reign supreme in the Lubbock Eats bracket?

We're in mid-summer now and there's not a lot of football to talk about. So what is the second best thing right behind football? Food, of course. I picked 16 of the top eateries in Lubbock that most college kids get to know while they're at Tech. Each week our viewers will be able to vote from when the article goes live until the following Monday at noon. I will update the bracket each week until we have a winner. The viewers will have two matchups to vote on each week for the first round of 16. If you don't see your favorite spot then I'm sorry, I tried to do 16 that everyone would be familiar with.

Round 1: #1 Spanky's vs #8 Buns Over Texas

Fried cheese, what more do you want? Spanky's has probably the best fried cheese/mozzarella sticks around. They also have amazing sandwiches, my personal favorite is their club sandwich with a side of ranch. This is a spot I always make sure to stop at when I'm back in the Hub City. Buns Over Texas is a great burger joint in Lubbock. Ideally it would be awesome if it was located closer to campus but it's worth the drive out to 73rd. They have amazing cheese fries and have a ton of different teas if you're a tea drinker. This spot is a hidden gem that many college kids may not know about.

Round 1: #1 Chimy's vs #8 Dion's Pizza

When most people think of Chimy's they think of their lethal margaritas, but they also have some pretty dang good food. Their nachos and cheese fries are awesome and you get a ton for your money. Along with the nachos and cheese fries they have some pretty delicious tacos and gut rockets (chimichangas). Dion's is relatively new to Lubbock but has gained a lot of loyal customers. It is hands down a lot better than your typical chain (the big guys) and is conveniently placed right across the street from campus. If you haven't had Dion's, make sure you check it out next time you're in the Hub City.