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Win #7 - Texas Tech rips the heart out of the Sooners

Installment 4 of 10 was decided by a very controversial play. The OU fanbase would say that Taurean Henderson was down before he crossed the goal line. Some Red Raider may agree but fortunately for us he was ruled in sending the Sooners back to Norman with a loss.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Date:  November 20, 2005

Location: Jones SBC Stadium Lubbock, TX

Opponent:  Oklahoma Sooners

Attendance: 52,625

Score: Texas Tech 23 Oklahoma 21

Every win against Oklahoma is a great win even if we go in as the favorite.  In a game that featured a future Hall of Fame RB, Adrian Peterson, it was Touchdown Taurean Henderson that we all remember.  Tech trailed 21-17 going into their final possession of the game.  They had 1:35 on the clock with no timeouts starting at our own 35 yard line.  Tech saw a TD pass from Cody Hodges to Joel Filani overruled as an incomplete pass and it all came down to Taurean's 16th and final carry.  On second and goal Hodges took the shotgun snap and handed it off to Taurean who went behind his left tackle and guard.  He got hit well before the goal line but was able to extend the ball while laying on an OU defender across the goal line to give the Red Raiders a 23-21 victory.

Henderson out rushed Adrian Peterson 109 to 108 yards on 13 less carries.  Cody Hodges threw for 232 and 2 TDs in the game with one going to TE Bristol Olomua.  It was his only TD reception on the year.  The win moved Tech up to #15 in the rankings and completed a 9-2 regular season.  They played and beat #13 Alabama in the Cotton Bowl in their next game.  That's right we beat them!  They were forced to vacate the victory because of infractions therefore I chalk it up as a Red Raider win over Roll Tide!!

Counting Down To #1:

#10 - Tech 31  Nebraska 10 (2009)

#9  - Tech 49  West Virginia 14 (2012)

#8: - Tech 41  Michigan State 31 (2010)

#7 -  Tech 23  Oklahoma 21 (2005)