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Texas Tech Loses Series to Oklahoma State

The Red Raiders win the series opener on Friday night, but drop Saturday and Sunday's games to lose the series versus Oklahoma State.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was a tough ending to a series that started out well for the good guys. Once we got the win in the opener, I thought we were going to win the series. The Cowboys just got clutch hits when they needed them the last two games. The biggest storyline to come out of the weekend is that this hurts our chances to get into the College World Series. The rest of the regular season schedule doesn't provide us an opportunity to add quality wins to the resume. We have Grand Canyon, Texas and West Virginia left to play before the Big 12 tournament.

The second biggest storyline was Corey Taylor being scratched from his start today. At this point, I haven't heard a reason as to why but there are a few rumors floating around. Hopefully it isn't a serious issue. Below are 3 takeaways from the series.

#1) Consistency - I can't seem to figure this team out. I thought they were putting things together when they won seven of eight headed into this series. Then they lose two of three this weekend. OSU is a good team so there is no shame in losing the series but I was just expecting to win two of three based on how we had been playing of late. They have been up and down like this throughout the season. It really shouldn't be a surprise at this point. I hope they rattle off a bunch of wins to strong finish and not sputter to the finish line. We could easily get either outcome though.

#2) Sunday' Pitchers - I am not sure if using Dusek out of the pen instead of the Sunday starter was the plan or not. Coach is obviously not comfortable with the results he has gotten out of Dusek in the Sunday starter role. The move felt a little odd to me. Then this morning rolls around and they announce Corey Taylor will be starting. He is one of only two reliable bullpen pitchers so I am not a big fan of the move. To make matters worse, he gets scratched from the start. Rumors are that it is an injury. Not sure how it could be anything else. No telling how long he will be out. Hopefully not long because we need him. I am interested to see the starter we trot out this Sunday versus the Longhorns.

#3) Closing Strong - With eight games left before the tournament, I think we have to win a minimum of six games and have a good showing in the Big 12 tournament to get into the CWS. Last year we had 40 wins going into the Big 12 tournament. The conference was stronger last year as well. I think it is an uphill battle. Not impossible, but it will definitely be tough.

Next up is a 2-game midweek series with Grand Canyon that starts on Tuesday at 6:30pm. Then we travel to Austin for a weekend series against the Longhorns. It will be an opportunity for us to solidify a top four finish in the conference.