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Farewell Viva The Matadors

After writing for VTM for the past year and a half, I have decided to leave and accept a job with 247sports and the Avalanche Journal. This is my farewell post to you all.

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After writing for Viva The Matadors for nearly a year and a half now, it is time for me to leave VTM. Just a couple hours after posting my latest recruiting update, I got a message from a member of 247sports (and the Avalanche Journal) asking me write for them. After hearing the offer, I decided that it was in my best interest to accept the job working for 247sports and the Avalanche Journal.

I started lurking around this site around the time Kingsbury was hired in December of 2012 and decided to stick around for the recruiting information. This is when I started get interested in recruiting, figuring out how it work and how to get information. I was a big fan of the NFL Draft, and I saw this as College's "NFL Draft". I officially joined the site in March of 2013 and contributed to comments during the off-season. That May, Seth posted in one of his stories that he was looking for writers, and myself being interested in recruiting, emailed him about my interest in the job.

From then until August, I continued to write FanPosts on recruiting. They weren't very good, but as time flew by, I continued to improve. In September of the 2013 season, I had finally made the front page with my Possible Red Raiders post. I continued to improve throughout the season and got better thanks to my fellow writers and suggestions made by you guys, the commenters. Then I recently picked up baseball, and started to improve on that from the College World Series up to this weekend.

I have enjoyed my time writing VTM and I won't forget my time here. It's been a fun experience finding information on the web and sharing it for y'all. The breaking down recruits, finding out who their top schools were, where the coaches are recruiting and giving up to date info when recruits commit. Don't think for one second that I dislike VTM or anybody who was apart of it.

To the VTM Staff----Thanks for giving me ideas and helping me with my writing. Hearing your advice and seeing the way y'all write has inspired me to be a better writer and got me to where I am today. Special thanks to Seth, who allowed me to write on VTM despite being a high schooler at the time and having no other writing experience.

To the Comments and Readers----Seeing y'all comment and enjoy my work motivated me to keep writing and improve it. Y'all also gave me suggestions early on and made me more aware of my writing style and grammar.

Here are some of my favorite posts on VTM:

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It's been a fun ride. Have to post one last Tom Brady gif.

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Farewell Viva The Matadors.