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Possible Red Raiders: A Weekly Recruiting Update - 2/16/2015

Tech offers a pair of teammates, Several new recruits get offers, One Tech commit switches positions and an interview with CJ Williamson. Plus a look at Kofi Boateng, Keith Corbin and TJ Vasher

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Kofi Boateng - Wide Receiver (Lamar HS, Arlington, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Shuttle Vertical Squat Bench
6'1" 175 lbs 4.55 4.28 34" 340 lbs 240 lbs

Ratings: 87 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.6 by Rivals / 3-star by Scout

Interest: Texas Tech (Warm), TCU (Warm), Cal (Warm), Oklahoma *(Warm),

Texas Tech offered Kofi Boateng back in December and have been pursuing him ever since. At the time, Tech was one of Boatengs first offers, however, many schools have offered since. He visited Baylor and TCU this winter, and was planning to visit Oklahoma this past weekend before canceling. He was also planning to visit Texas Tech during the last weekend on January, but didn't make the trip. However, I'm sure Boateng will visit Lubbock sometime. He is also teammates with Tech targets DT QB Shane Buechele and OG Chris Owens, both of whom are also big Red Raider targets. I would expect Tech to continue and pursue Boateng throughout the year. Let's take a look at what Boateng brings to the table. What I like about Boateng is his ability to get behind the defense, make crucial catches and make plays. There are several times in the film where Kofi gets behind the defense and creates big play opportunities for the defense. Tech started to get big plays from Lauderdale last year, but Tech could get someone like Boateng to get behind the defense, that would help the offense tremendously. Kofi also made a lot of impressive 1st down and Touchdown catches. He made some sideline catches, some catches over defenders, and other tough catches as well. With Kofi's size and decent speed, he could develop into a good outside receiver for the Red Raiders. Hopefully, Tech keeps in contact with Boateng.

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Keith Corbin - Wide Receiver (West Brook HS, Beaumont, TX)

Height Weight
6'2" 175 lbs

Ratings: 88 by 247 / 3-star by ESPN / 5.7 by Rivals / 3-star by Scout

Interest: Texas Tech (Warm), TCU (Warm), SMU (Warm), Ole Miss (Warm)

Texas Tech offered Keith Corbin back in August, before he had any other offers. Tech was Keith's first offer by in August of 2014 and since then has picked up offers from TCU, SMU and Ole Miss. He also has received interest from A&M, whom he visited this past October. I haven't heard a whole lot about Corbin since Tech offered him, but I have a feeling that Corbin is one of their top targets on the board. He has tweeted a few times about the Red Raiders and seems to like them. I'm not sure if he will be visiting Tech or anywhere else soon, but it wouldn't surprised me if he does soon. Tech has a lot of recruits coming on February 28th, so maybe he'll visit Tech at that time with everyone else. Now let's take a look at what Keith Corbin can do on film.  I'm a big fan of Keith and what he can do. He runs good routes, locates the ball at it's highest point and can adjust to the ball well. There are several plays where he has to adapt to the throw and ends up still making the catch. He also cuts well on his routes to get himself open. Route running is a key part to being a receiver, so if you can run your routes well, you can be successful at the level. I hope Tech continues to recruit Corbin, as he would be a big addition to the Red Raiders in my opinion. He's a similar to Boateng, so if Tech can get one of the two, that would be great. He has no timetable for his commitment.

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TJ Vasher - Wide Receiver (Rider HS, Wichita Falls, TX)

Height Weight
6'5" 180 lbs

Ratings: 88 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.8 by Rivals / 4-star by Scout

Interest: Texas Tech (Warm), Ole Miss (Warm), Ohio State (Warm), SMU (Warm)

Texas Tech first offered Vasher back in November, his only offer at the time. Since then, he's added offers from teams like Ohio State, Ole Miss, SMU, Houston and Colorado. He's becoming a hot commodity and will likely get a lot more offered before National Signing Day 2016. TJ Vasher is a big name for Tech fans, and that's because Vasher goes to the same high school as one Eric Ward. In fact, Ward was helping out Rider HS earlier this year when Vasher got the offer. That connection could be helpful to the Red Raiders when recruiting Vasher. They could compare him to Eric Ward and show the type of success he could have with the Red Raiders. TJ has not set a commitment date and has not visited any campuses yet. Now let's take a look at what TJ Vasher can do on the football field. Vasher is a big, physical WR that can dominate the opposition and be a match-up nightmare for other teams. TJ a key target in the red zone and on first down plays, where he can outmuscle an opponent and use his big body and strength to get open. He could be used like Jace Amaro was used in 2013, except instead of being inside, he would be outside. Tech could use a guy like Vasher who can play physical and create good match-ups for Texas Tech. Hopefully Tech will continue to pursue him and get him to Lubbock.

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Here are some more updates:

Football 2015:

  • Here a video of Kliff Kingsbury talking about the 2015 class and other junk

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Basketball 2015:

  • Malique Trent, 89 rated JUCO CG, is receiving a lot of interest as of late according to Brad Winston of JUCORecruiting. Malique is from Virginia and currently plays for New Mexico JC. Robert Turner played his JUCO years there, along with OKST starting guard and former Tech target Jeff Newberry.
  • The coaching staff was in Kansas this week recruiting. One of the places they went was Dodge City, one of the bigger JUCOs in Kansas.
  • Highlight video of Jordan Jackson in a game where he drops 42 points.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Here is a video of CJ Williamson talking with Daniel Paulling of WreckEm247

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Football 2016:

  • Tren'Davian Dickson, 92 rated WR, decommitted from Baylor just minutes after receiving his 8th offer from Texas Tech. Tren'Davian has got a lot of offer as of late, which is the reason why he decommitted.
  • Tristen Wallace, 90 rated DT QB, will unofficially visit Texas Tech on February 28th. He is also now planning to play QB for Texas Tech.
  • Trayveon Williams, 89 rated RB, received an offer from Texas Tech this past week. A&M appears to be in the lead currently.
  • Tyrell Alexander, 88 rated WR, was offered by Texas Tech about a week ago. Tech had been recruiting in Lancaster a lot lately, likely looking at Tyrell
  • Jordan Carmouche, 86 rated OLB, and Austin Myers, 88 rated OT, received an offer from Texas Tech on Saturday. The Manvel teammates both have a good list of quality offers.
  • Johnathan Picone, 86 rated LB, received an offer from Texas Tech on Sunday. Tech is going after a lot of linebackers this class.
  • Aubrey White, 85 rated ATH, is receiving interest from Tech lately. He he currently committed to Kansas. Aubrey is from Wylie, TX (also home of Tech target Eno Benjamin)
  • Brandon Benson, 85 rated WR, received an offer from Texas Tech this past week. He currently resides in Waco and has also received an offer from Kansas
  • Riley Anderson, 84 rated OT, and Austin Anderson, 85 rated OT, were both offered by Texas Tech this past week. It's their 4th and 5th offer respectively. They are brothers from Mineola, TX.
  • Donte Coleman, 84 rated TE, received an offer from Texas Tech on Friday. The West Mesquite recruit is also offered by Boise State, Iowa and Cal.
  • Paul Stawarz, NR JUCO OT, is planning an official visit to Texas Tech sometime this summer. He currently does not hold a Tech offer.
  • Nehemiah Augustus, NR S, named a Top 7 on Thursday, and Tech made the list along with Arizona State, LSU, Florida State, Texas, Miami and Florida. He currently does not have a Tech offer.
  • Da'Leon Ward, 87 rated RB, received an offer from Texas Tech on Thursday. He also will be attending Tech's Junior Day. The Skyline running back currently has 4 offers, which includes Tech and TCU.