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10 Thoughts on Tech-KSU

Don't talk about the defense. It's shy and you'll scare it away.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Red Uniforms were awesome

I love the old school look. Also, we are the Red Raiders. Nice to see us using everything in our arsenal uniform wise.

2. The fake gut handoff - pitch outside to DeAndre is so ridiculously fun

Kliff Kingsbury isn't just a passing game genius. He really can draw up some good plays. On that play, he put Mahomes under center to further draw the KSU defense to the quick dive, then pitched it to the outside. Easy 6. DeAndre in general is special. He had a career day today.

3. We really sold out to stop the run, and it worked (relatively)

I saw JJ Gaines make a play in the backfield in the tackle box. How many times does a corner make a play in the tackle box? I continue to love what I'm seeing out of David Gibbs.

4. Rika Levi and Breiden Fehoko played in K-State's half of the Line of Scrimmage today

And it made all the difference. There was something different about them today. They definitely had their best game of the season. They consistently pushed the KSU OL into the backfield. That's something we really needed from the DL.

5. I don't know what was said to Devin Lauderdale, but it worked.

He blocked excellently, and was very active when plays broke down. That's exactly what we've needed out of him. He's a great talent, and hadn't really been going the extra mile to make the offense click. Today, he did, so kudos to him.

6. Nigel Bethel played like a hero

He was all over the field today. He broke up 4 passes that I can recall, and probably many more. We stacked the box and told our young secondary that the game was going to be won on how well they played, and it worked.

7. The kickoff return for a TD was huge

If that play never happens, we go into the half up 35-14, and the entire game changes. It probably changes even before them due to situational play calling. We'll never know what would've happened, but I don't think it's totally incorrect to say that it might have been a much better result for us.

8. What a great night for our seniors

They all played well. Micah Awe probably had his best game of the season. I'm really happy that their last game at the Jones was a win and that they went out on a positive note.

9. Put a game away please

We just can't put someone down. If we could end games we'd have at least a couple more wins at this point, and would probably be ranked in the Top 25. We aren't a bad team. For whatever reason, we just can't step on the throat. We give teams life, and it's frustrating.

10. We're bowl eligible

And right now, that's all that matters.