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11 Reasons to Keep Watching Texas Tech Football

After a rough stretch of games many TTU fans have contemplated giving up on watching the Red Raiders play the remainder of the season. We give you 11 reasons why you shouldn't give up on Texas Tech football.

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Football has been rough to watch the past few weeks for Texas Tech fans. Well maybe it's been more than a few weeks. Outside of that Iowa State game, it feels like nothing good has happened to Texas Tech since they went in to Fayetteville and, pardon my french, kicked some Razorback butt. It's been 755 days since Tech has beaten a Big XII school at football that wasn't Kansas or Iowa State.

I've heard many responses from fans telling me that they're throwing in the towel on this season. Today I'm here to encourage you to keep that towel on the rack and listen to why you should stick with this team through the end of this season.

1) There are only *two more games left in the season.

If you've already made it through 10 games so far this season why the heck would you quit when there are only two more? You owe it to yourself as a good fan and as an adult (or as a child idk you people) to stick it out and see this thing through to the very end. Worst case scenario is that they lose the two games in heartbreaking fashion. If that happens you're done with them just in time to go fight with strangers over dolls for your kids on Black Friday!

*if they lose to Kansas State and Texas Texas Tech won't go to a bowl game but if they win one they will play three total more games.


Even if Tech is down 20 points late to some school that wears green or crimson you still get to see some amazing athletes run in space and rack up absurdly big offensive numbers. The Air Raid produces magic like this consistently.

I don't care what the final score is or who's playing, if I know one or two plays like that are likely to happen in a game, I'm going to watch the whole thing.

3) Patrick Mahomes is a Magician disguised as a Quarterback and that is fun!

Pat Mahomes is a stinkin good quarterback because he's a quick dude that scurries around the pocket like some other QB previously coached by Kingsbury that currently plays for a team named after the color of dirt. Even if you aren't a Texas Tech fan you should be watching TTU games to watch ole Patty Cakes work his magic like he does here.

That is football poetry in motion my friends.

4) What else are you going to talk with your friends about?
"Yeah my chrysanthemums aren't quite growing as well as I wanted but I've got this sick basil plant that makes a killer flavor enhancer to my favorite pasta dish." Well first off why are you trying to grow chrysanthemums in the winter? They're obviously a plant you'd grow in the spring. Read a book nincompoop. I'll be honest I don't know what adults talk about besides sports but I know it must be hella boring because I've got boring stuff that I can't actually talk with my friends about too. Yeah I've got a killer team in 2K named after John Cena that's going to win a million championships but that sentence was so boring I lost four of the five of you still reading this and to the one person still reading this thank you for your support dad!

Football is one of the greatest and most universal conversation topics in America. If you don't watch Texas Tech football you'll be forced to talk to your coworkers about boring stuff like that super awesome time they went to the cat circus and no I'm totally not using examples from cool things I've got marked on my calendar. I WILL NOT BE JUDGED BY YOU PEOPLE!

5) This is DeAndre Washington's last season.

Last week Washington broke 1000 yards on the season, doing so for the second consecutive season. No Texas Tech running back has done that since 1995. DeAndre Washington has been phenomenal for the Red Raiders in his years here and he only has a few more games left in Lubbock. You should keep watching to see what precious few games we have left with him as our starting running back.

6) Justin Stockton in open space.

Enough said. 

7) Le'Raven Clark and his Piesman Campaign.

Don't think we didn't see that tipped pass you caught against OSU Le'Raven. I may not be able to find it on the interwebs but we all still remember it happened. Or at least I do and you do and that's what really matters.

8) Where else do you get to see hundreds of tortillas fly through the air in a beautiful unified front?

I hear Costco gets pretty wild on Tuesday nights but the tortillas won't fly as consistently or as in unison as they do in the Jones. I could be wrong because I don't go to Costco and I also haven't heard anything about how wild or tame their stores are on any particular weekday.

9) Jakeem Grant is also a senior and will be leaving us soon.

If you are ok with missing one of the few remaining Jakeem Grant highlights while he's in Lubbock by all means keep on being wrong. You're probably the type of person won't drink Dr. Pepper or Coke when a restaurant is humane and doesn't serve Pepsi. If you don't want to watch things like this live you infuriate me.

10) What else are you going to do with your Saturdays?

Don't you try to tell me you want your Saturdays back so you can go do errands or mow the yard or read a book. You can't lie to me. This is the internet, a place where lying is impossible! I know you want nothing more than to pop a squat in your lounge place of choice, have a snack, and watch a sports game for 3-5 hours ever Saturday. Or you're like me and want to watch sports games from 11 AM til midnight because you're a sports junkie and it's the best way to put off productivity for a whole day.

You have February through most of August to be productive with your weekends. There's no football then. Right now football season is winding down and you need to soak in as much of that precious time as you can before we return to the terrifying time called the offseason.

11) You don't really want to stop watching Texas Tech.

For several years Texas Tech fans have been repeatedly kicked in the stomach by football. It's been rough but for some reason you've stuck it out. This year has had some exceptionally fun moments and you don't actually want to miss out on the next one. There is still a very good chance TTU goes to a bowl game and beats somebody that they shouldn't and I know none of you want to miss that.

If you found any of these remotely helpful in restoring your fandom please contact Texas Tech Athletics and tell them to write me a huge check.If you didn't find any of these remotely helpful in restoring your fandom please contact Texas Tech Athletics and tell them to write me a huge check. And if you feel personally victimized by my comments about your lack of gardening skills I apologize but in this business you've got to ruffle some feathers occasionally. Shoot me a tweet and I might buy you dinner to compensate for the emotional damages.

These are just some of the many reasons to keep watching Texas Tech football. If you've got any better reasons drop them below in the comments and I might read them. Don't forget to enjoy Texas Tech football, because that's the whole dadgum point. Now y'all run along and I'll see you back here on the internet come game day, because I know you can't stay away for long.