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Offensive Grades: Texas Tech vs West Virginia

These grades are down right "offensive"

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Grade: D

The third shaky performance by the offense in the last four games. West Virginia did an incredible job shutting down Tech's offense, coming off a bad loss in Fort Worth last week. That's still no excuse, because we made West Virginia look like the #1 defense in the country.Despite the urge to put 'F' on every element of the offense, let's take a look at how each part of the offense did.

Quarterback Grade: C-

Patrick Mahomes struggled again and the book might be out Mahomes at this point. With 8 interceptions in the last 4 games and a career low 196 yards passing against West Virginia, defenses are forcing him to make bad reads and force the ball at times and second guess himself in others. What fans disliked about Davis Webb, has turned up in Patrick Mahomes. If we are honest and objective, if his struggles continue, it may be time to give him a breather and let our other good quarterback run the offense.

Some may think this is too low for Mahomes, but the fact is, it's this high only because he did extend some plays and was second on the team in rushing.

Running Back Grade: B+

DeAndre Washington surpassed 1,000 yards in a season for the second straight year for the first time in 20 years. For those who think he's not getting the ball enough, he's actually on pace to race by his totals from last year, not just in yards, but in touches as well. The fact that many of us think he's not getting the ball enough, highlight the struggles with the rest of the offense. Washington has over 100 yards rushing and led the team in receiving yards with 64 yards.

Wide Receiver Grade: F

Jakeem Grant had a 10 yard TD catch and finished the day with 5 catches for 8 yards. That's the kinda day it was for the wide receivers. Reginald Davis had a nice TD catch, but that was his only reception. The rest of the corps, dropped 6 passes and seemed unable to get any separation against West Virginia's press coverage.

To be fair, there were times the WR's got open, but Mahomes was unable to see them due to pressure and not getting through all of this progressions.

Offensive Line Grade: C

The offensive line played decently enough. Gave up a few sacks, but let Mahomes feel pressure way too often as he felt the need to pull the ball down and run quite a bit. Not to mention pressure from just the front four at times with not extra rusher. The O-Line gets a C because they did allow Washington to rush for over a 100 yards.

Week 10 MVP: RB DeAndre Washington