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The Raider Read - 10/5/2015

A look at some links and stories to begin your week

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There's no way around it, the game Saturday was terrible. And I'm sure nobody has any interest in reading any recap, however here's a few links that offer some outside insight.

Mike DuPont of the Dallas Morning News has a good article here with multiple reactions from various outlets like Don Williams from the LAJ, Max Olsen from ESPN, and Paul Myerberg from the USA Today. The consensus seems to be that all the pressure is on the Red Raiders to respond after a game that included the 2 things that Kliff and company had been preaching were going to change (turnovers and penalties), areas that the team had seemed to have improved on. Also on the DMN are a collection of photos from the game, including quite a few from the tailgating crowd before the game.

Speaking of photos, any Tech fan that is on twitter should look into following Michael Strong (@StillStrongTTU), the official team photographer for Tech Athletics. Last week he took some great shots of the game from the roof of the south end zone, offering a unique view. This week he got this wonderful shot......

Even after the 2 losses, QB Pat Mahomes is 3rd in the nation with 1836 yards, trailing only the gunslingers from Western Kentucky and Bowling Green. With the yards that Davis Webb has accumulated for us, Tech is first in the nation with 423.8 passing yards per game, and 3rd nationally in total yards per game, and points per game, averaging 603 yards and 50 (!!!) points per game. Defensively.....well, let's just ignore those numbers, but they're on the other end of the charts in most categories.

In the fashion portion of the blog, I would like to point out that the team is 0-2 when using red as a main color of the game day uniform. Personally, I have enjoyed the look the past 2 weeks, but how have y'all felt about this years looks? Better than last year? Do you want to see the return of the "White Ombre" look?

While watching conference games this past Saturday, you may have seen the commercials for "Big 12 Champions For Life", which is a new program unveiled last Thursday to highlight how the student athletes of the conference in athletic and non-athletic ways. The first Tech athlete to be featured is senior SG Toddrick Gotcher. Additional athletes that will be featured are P Taylor Symmank and DB Justis Nelson. All of the videos can be found here.

Lastly, I was able to attend the game on Saturday and barely survived the onslaught of tortillas

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