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Jarrett Stidham Talks Texas Tech and Kliff Kingsbury

The top dual threat quarterback of the 2014 class, Jarrett Stidham, discusses his commitment to Texas Tech and head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

John Weast

The newest member of the 2015 Texas Tech recruiting class, the highest rated dual threat quarterback in the nation, spoke yesterday after his commitment (via WreckEm 24/7). Stidham spoke about his thought process:

"I thought I knew before this weekend, but after taking a visit there on Sunday really made everything clear for me," Stidham said. "I’d say within the first hour of me being on campus on Sunday I just knew. I was thinking to myself ‘this is it, this is what I want’ and it was just clear. I knew right away that I wanted to be there."

Stidham also talked about Lubbock and Texas Tech:

"I love Lubbock and I love the school," Stidham added. "It’s just Texas Tech as a whole honestly. The entire university from the student body to the campus to the gameday experience is something I really felt at ease with. Everything feels so natural and right there to me. I just get a really good vibe from the place and know that it’s right for me."

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There was quite a bit of hand-wringing during this short off-season since the Holiday Bowl win, which included the transfer of quarterbacks Michael Brewer, Baker Mayfield and Clayton Nicholas and how head coach Kliff Kingsbury has handled his quarterbacks.  With the commitment of the 2013 4A Offensive Player of the Year in Patrick Mahomes and the commitment of Stidham, I think some of those concerns should be put to bed.  There's no doubt that Kingsbury has probably made mistakes in handling the past year, there really isn't an appropriate method of satisfying four different quarterbacks who all want to play.

It would seem that at the end of the day, Kingsbury went with the quarterback in Davis Webb, the one that offers the most upside and long-term success for Kingsbury.  Perhaps this is short-sighted, but maybe this reveals Kingsbury's long-term goals, which is that Texas Tech is his destination.  I have never thought otherwise, but earning the commitments of players like Mahomes and Stidham seem to indicate that Kingsbury isn't looking at going somewhere else to build a monster program, but he wants to do it at Texas Tech.