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Red Raider Hoops | Planning for the Future

Texas Tech is set to wrap up their last game of the year on Saturday, let's take a look and see how the two signees, Zach Smith and Justin Gray, and lone commit, Keenan Evans, will play into their roles in 2015 and beyond.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

The last time we met, we discussed how the two signees and the lone commit have done for their respective high school teams, but I wanted to take a look at how they will fit in the current depth chart for 2014-2015 and where Texas Tech still needs to address some help.

Depth Chart & Eligibility Remaining
Depth Player Year Ht/Wt. 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Point Guard
1st Team Robert Turner SR 6-3/180
2nd Team Randy Onwuasor SO 6-3/190
3rd Team Keenan Evans FR 6-3/170
4th Team Luke Adams SR 5-11/170
5th Team Stan Mays SO 6-2/185
Shooting Guard
1st Team Toddrick Gotcher JR 6-4/200
2nd Team Dusty Hannahs JR 6-4/210
3rd Team DeVaugntah Williams JR 6-3/205
4th Team Justin Gray FR 6-4/180
Small Forwards
1st Team Aaron Ross SO 6-8/225
2nd Team Zach Smith FR 6-7/205
3rd Team Clark Lammert SR 6-8/210
Power Forwards
1st Team Jordan Tolbert SR 6-7/225
2nd Team Alex Foster SO 6-8/225

Have I told you that I love these charts because I get a better sense of where players are and what needs to be addressed?


The best thing about how the current group of players stand out is that there's enough depth in the backcourt to get through the next year or two. The point guard also sets up nicely as Turner will get this team through the next year and will most likely be asked to pick up the scoring a bit. To be honest, Onwuasor is a surprise and his development through this year has been nothing short of fantastic. I honestly don't know where this team would be without Turner and Onwuasor. Actually, I do know and I don't want to think about it. Onwuasor needs to work on his scoring, both inside and outside. Turner will have to figure out how to score within the flow of the offense and become an offensive threat.

With the addition of Williams, he very much adds some needed scoring at the shooting guard spot. I'd also add that Gray's signing is going to help long term as he's a fantastic scorer and this looks crowded, but I think we'll see plenty of Williams and Gray at the small forward spot as they have the height and size to play both the shooting guard and small forward spots.


Where things get a bit more dicey is in the frontcourt. I think a forward combination of Ross, Foster and Tolbert is going to be just fine, but they're undersized a bit and I feel like this group needs more depth here.

I also have the conundrum about having a true small forward. With Crockett's graduation, this team will be without it's best and most consistent scorer of this year and there really isn't a guy on the team that can be a dynamic scorer. I think adding a player that can be a combo guard and/or small forward would be a fantastic fit here as I really don't think that Ross has the lateral quickness to cover a lot of small forwards while Foster doesn't have the current game to play outside the lane. This doesn't diminish from what these players do well. Ross is going to be a tough cover for a lot of teams and his oustside-in game is going to be terrific, while I love Foster's tenacity on the boards.

The arrival of Smith should help, but as far as next year, I see Smith maybe needing one additional year of seasoning to really grow into his frame and game. Smith went from scoring under double-digits to averaging a double-double this past year and he's raw, but he's talented.

You'll note that there are no centers. None. No one on this team as it is currently constructed is over 6'8" and I think this is where Tubby Smith is looking to make an impact late in the game. The coaching staff has had a full year to identify players and recruit and it should be interesting to see who they find to help fill this frontcourt need.

Remaining Offers

According to 24/7 Sports, Texas Tech has offers to the following players that also have already committed to another program:

D'Angelo Allen | SF | 6-6/185 | Kimball (Dallas, TX)
Jackson Davis | SF | 6-8/220 | Lafayette (Lexington, KY)
Abdoulaye Gueye | PF | 6-9/215 | Central Park Christian Schools (Birmingham, AL)
Tyrone Haughton | PF | 6-9/205 | Iowa Western C.C. (Council Bluffs, IA)
Justin Jamison | C | 6-9/260 | Missouri State-West Plains (West Plains, MO)
Norense Odiase | PF | 6-9/260 | Elev8 Sports Institute (Delray Beach, FL)

One other note is that the 24/7 Prediction thing has a guy named Cullen Russo as being predicted to going to Texas Tech although he doesn't have an offer from anyone (via 24/7 Sports).  Russo is currently at the College of Southern Idaho and he averaged about 8.5 points and 4.3 rebounds a game (via NJCAA).  I think that Russo played a year at a prep school, which means that he is available.  You can watch his video (via YouTube) and I think that Tubby Smith is maybe thinking that Russo is going to be like Turner in that he's not really well-known, but they'll give Russo an offer if some other guys pass on Texas Tech.  Russo also has the option of taking another year at the JUCO level, which is some security to him.

MikeTTU has been the guy that has kept you in the know about which players are more realistic than others (see the links below), but right now, this is the current group of players that have offers.