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Red Raider Gridiron | Williams to Raider LB? TTU on College Football Hall of Fame Ballot

Running back Kenny Williams has volunteered to move to Raider outside linebacker, while Cawthon, Carlen, Moore and Thomas are all on the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame.

John Weast

Williams to Raider Linebacker: RRS reported sometime over the weekend that running back Kenny Williams approached the coaching staff to play Raider outside linebacker (via RRS). There are a couple of things here, including the idea that someone like Williams is selfless enough to go to the coaching staff and ask if he could help and the idea that Williams could add some immediate impact to a spot that I think the coaching staff was going to have problems filling.  There was a range of linebackers and defensive backs all making an attempt to fill that spot.

Personally, I love this move and I think it could very much bode well for Williams.  Williams was a special teams ace, yet another indication of the type of team player that he is for this team, and he finished with 13 tackles, which was 1 less tackle that Jackson Richards and 1 more tackle that Demetrius Alston and Dennell Wesley.  That's how good he was at special teams.  Williams is a smart player and I don't think it will take him any time to figure this out if this ends up working long-term.

Hall of Fame: There were four Texas Tech players that were named to the most recent College Football Hall of Fame ballot (via LAJ), including coaches Pete Cawthon, Jim Carlen and Jerry Moore and linebacker Zach Thomas. Not having a real good idea as to how the process works for this, I found this Dr. Saturday post really helpful (via Dr. Saturday) and it discusses who they think has the best chance and that includes Thomas.  Let's make this happen.


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