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Red Raider Hardball | Texas Tech vs. TCU

The Red Raiders play their second Big 12 road series to open up conference play, while TCU plays their first conference series of the season.

Photo credit Anthony Granadino.

Texas Tech (17-6, 1-2) vs. TCU (12-8, 0-0)
Official Site Notes
Location: Lupton Stadium & Williams-Reilly Field | Ft. Worth, TX
Radio: Affiliates

This is the first Big 12 series for the Horned Frogs, while Texas Tech is playing it's second series on the road in two weekends. Texas Tech did play two games at home against SFA this week and split those games, but won the season series, 2-1 against SFA.

Just by looking at the ERA's below, you could probably guess that this is going to be a low scoring series, but the biggest problem for Texas Tech has been the inconsistent offense and lack of offense. Head coach Tim Tadlock is concerned that this team isn't being patient at the plate (via LAJ):

"We hit some balls (in Tuesday’s 20-4 win over SFA) that found holes and (Wednesday) it was basically one of those deals where the breakdowns caused the not scoring. I don’t feel great about it, but it’s something that if we do what we need to do we’ll be OK."

TCU seems to be having similar problems on offense as the pitching as been spectacular (via LAJ):

"For the most part it’s the same core of players," Schlossnagle said. "We’re stealing some bases, we’re more aggressive on the bases, which I like. But the realty has been, again, that the guys who need to drive in runs are the same guys that drove in runs their freshman year and didn’t do it last year. We’re a little better at it this year but not to the point where we can overcome the score."

OUTFIELD: LF: Anthony Lyons / Alec Humphreys | CF: Steven Smith | RF: Adam Kirsch
INFIELD: 3B: Jake Barrios | SS: Ryan Long | 2B: Bryant Burleson | 1B Eric Gutierrez | C: Hunter Redman | DH: Matt Broadbent

Game 1: Friday, March 21st @ 6:30 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: RHP Dominic Moreno (1-3, 1.59)
TCU Starting Pitcher: LHP Brandon Finnegan (3-2, 1.72)
Final Score & Box Score: Texas Tech 0, TCU 9 - RecapBox ScoreLAJ

The Red Raiders get whipped in game 1 of this series and TCU cruises.  There's not a lot of good in the box score, only 4 hits all game, with Moreno earning the loss. Moreno only lasted 3.2 innings, giving up 5 runs, all earned, in just 3.2 innings. The only bright spot in the bullpen was Justin Bethard, who pitched 2 innings without giving up a run. The offense struggles again, managing only 4 hits, walking only twice and striking out 13 times to TCU. The offense is becoming really problematic and maybe the loss of Devon Conley and Tim Proudfoot is really starting to be felt.

Game 2: Saturday, March 22nd @ 4:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: LHP Chris Sadberry (2-1, 2.45)
TCU Starting Pitcher: RHP Preston Morrison (2-2, 1.54)
Final Score & Box Score: Texas Tech 10, TCU 2 - RecapBox ScoreLAJ

ATTN:  If you want to hang out with some good Red Raiders the Ft. Worth Alumni Association is trying to get all of you rounded up for today's game.  I think they have festivities that start at 1:00 pm for some tailgating, so go check it out (via Facebook).

Give up 8 runs and lose, and out-score your opponent by 8 runs and win.  Sunday should be fun.  I guess that there was some change on the starting pitcher, because it wasn't Sadberry. Cameron Smith got the start and he gave up the only 2 runs of the game in just 3 innings, but Jonny Drozd was fantastic in relief. Drozd pitched 6 innings, giving up only 3 hits, walking 1 and striking out 4. I think there was some movement in the order, but I have a hard time remembering these things. Ryan Long is hitting leadoff for start. I also think that Conley pinch-hit, which might mean thathe might be headed back to the lineup, which would be great. The offense was led by DH Zach Davis, who went 2-4 with 2 RBI. The rest of the offense was a cumulative effort with Stephen Smith, Jake Barrios, Bryant Burleson, Todd Ritchie, Alec Humphreys and Tyler Floyd all getting an RBI.

Game 3: Sunday, March 23rd @ 1:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: TBA
TCU Starting Pitcher: LHP Tyler Alexander (3-1, 1.59)
Final Score & Box Score: Texas Tech 12, TCU 2 - RecapBox ScoreLAJ

I guess that Chris Sadberry is getting moved to Sunday as he got the start and pitched 5 innings, giving up just 1 run, with no walks and 1 strikeout. Corey Taylor picked things up in relief, giving the Red Raiders 3 innings, 2 hits and no runs, with Ryan Moseley pitching the final frame and allowing a run. 2B Bryant Burleson went 2 for 5 with 5 RBI, which included a 3 run duble in the 5th inning. Jake Barrios, Stephen Smith, Ryan Long and Hunter Redman all had multi-hit games for Texas Tech.