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Red Raider Gridiron | Morales Ready; Clark Has Options

Tony Morales returns from injury and is looking to make an immediate impact, while Le'Raven Clark has options about where he'll play next year.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It is good to be back into the swing of things.  I am sure to you all, this is all old news, but I'm catching up after being out of town for a few days.

Tony Morales Ready: Tony Morales is giving it a go after an injury plagued start to his career at Texas Tech (via LAJ). Tony Morales was the more highly recruited between he and his brother, but has been beset by injuries since he arrived on campus, most recently having shoulder surgery that set him back almost all of last year.  Tony has been working out at center for the spring as incumbent Jard Kaster has been recovering from shoulder surgery himself. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that he's working his way back:

"He’s still getting back in shape," Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said, "but he’s grinding hard and looks physical. We’re really pleased with his progress so far, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks he’ll get in a little better shape and get going."

Luckily, Tony has had the support of his brother, Alfredo, to get up for those 6 am workouts:

"He’s been encouraging," Tony Morales said. "He’s motivated me to get better. Going to rehab every day at 6 o’clock for three years in a row isn’t fun, but sometimes when I fell down, he kind of brought me back up. He told me to keep going, and it’s going to get better."

Clark Has Options: Offensive line coach Lee Hays has some options regarding Le'Raven Clark and where he will play next year (via LAJ). Hays talks about the thought process in possibly moving Clark:

"I think for anybody, it’s difficult," Hays said. "I know that athletically, he and Shaq (Davis) both have an opportunity, and we’re expecting them to come in and compete. But at the same time, they’re going to need that summer to get in here and learn the system, and you don’t want them out there thinking the whole time. You want them to be at a point where it’s just a reaction."

I guess ultimately, Hays wants to put the five best players out on the field, regardless of position and if Hays thinks that Robertson and Davis might help make the team overall more talented, then I'm interested. I still think it will be difficult to move Clark, but we'll see.


Texas Tech had their pro-day last week and the official site has all of the official results (via Texas Tech).  There's also some video embedded below. I never would have thought that Eric Ward ran a 4.68 and Sadale Foster runs a 4.58 in the 40.  This reminds me of the article that SB Nation published last year that's about  how fake-40 times are and they did the same thing this year (via SB Nation).

Sports on Earth had a bit about how Kingsbury and the coaching staff uses fake Twitter profiles to follow players and find the players that might need to chill out a bit (via Sports on Earth).

Kingsbury did his own Ask Me Anything on Reddit last week.  You all are way ahead of the game and were on top of this the day that it happened (I think Thursday) (via Reddit).  There's a ton to go through, so I won't do that here.

Congrats to Patrick Mahomes who was named District 16-4A MVP (via ET Varsity) and from what I can tell, he averaged 19.9 points, 6.7 boards, 3.7 assists and 4.0 steals a game (via MaxPreps).