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Texas Tech Hoops | Season Awards

Picking the season awards for the Tech men’s basketball team in categories like Team MVP, Best Offensive Player, Best Defensive Player, Best Newcomer, and more.

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I created a 2013-14 season preview back in November and gave out some preseason awards. I am going back to check that out, and give my updated picks for the awards now that the season is over.

Team Preseason Awards

  • Team MVP – Jaye Crockett
  • Best Offensive Player – Jaye Crockett
  • Best Defensive Player – Rob Turner
  • Best Shooter – Dusty Hannahs
  • Best Rebounder – Jordan Tolbert
  • Best Newcomer – Aaron Ross
  • Most Improved Player – Kader Tapsoba
  • Best Team Player – Jamal Williams

2013-14 Team Season Awards

  • Team MVP – Jaye Crockett
  • Crockett finished the season just like last year… the undisputed leader of this team. He was finally inserted into the starting lineup which I think should have happened back in his freshman season. Along with getting the most minutes per game at 29.4; Crockett led the team in points per game (13.9) and rebounds per game (6.4). We are really going to miss his presence on the court, but Texas Tech basketball will miss his leadership on and off the court even more.

  • Best Offensive Player – Jaye Crockett
  • Crockett put up the most points per game along with having a Field Goal Percentage of 51.7%, Free Throw Percentage of 82.7%, and 3-point Percentage of 31.7%. When the squad needed offense he was by far the most consistent and effective player in this category. We relied heavily on Crockett and his offense this season.

  • Best Defensive Player – Rob Turner
  • Turner was the best player on the defensive end because he could move his feet better than anyone on the team. He was quick and had hands that could poke the ball out of any opponents hands. He led the team with 1.3 steals per game. His offense was hot and cold, but his defense against other backcourt players was excellent.

  • Best Shooter – Jaye Crockett
  • I wanted to put Dusty Hannahs as the pick for this category, but he was so inconsistent that I could not. His numbers were excellent one game and dreadful another game. He finished the last 10 games 11-49 from the field, and was 6-25 from downtown. Jaye Crockett expanded his game to beyond the arc. He was the only guy I felt could be reliable to hit a mid-range jumper and outside shot every time the ball hit his hands. I feel that Crockett was the best shooter on the team.

  • Best Rebounder – Jaye Crockett
  • I wanted to put Jordan Tolbert for this pick, but just like the Best Shooter category he was way too inconsistent to be my pick. Tolbert finished second on the team with 5.8 rpg. He would get 1 or 2 rebounds in some games, and would get 6 or 9 in the next game. Crockett was the only team player that was consistent on getting his rebounds. He was the best at banging the boards in the paint. There is a reason he finished first on the team with 6.4 rpg, because he was the best.

  • Best Newcomer – Robert Turner
  • Robert Turner had flashes of talent this season. He was up and down running the point guard position this season on offense, but he played well on defense. He was the clear starter at the 1 spot on the court and came up big in some of our games this year. If he can work on his shooting then he could become one of the better guards in the Big 12 next season.

  • Most Improved Player – Toddrick Gotcher
  • He stepped up and won a starting spot in the lineup midway through the season at the shooting guard position. His toughness and grit helped him increase on all his numbers from the previous season. In 2012-13 he had 12.8 mpg, 2.2 ppg, 1.4 rpg, and 0.5 apg. This year he averaged 26.7 mpg, 7.3 ppg, 2.9 rpg, and 1.9 apg. Those are dramatic increases and by far the most improved on the team.

  • Best Team Player – Toddrick Gotcher
  • Gotcher was the first guy to dive into the stands trying to save a loose ball. He played this last season with incredible strength and toughness. He was not the best offensive or defensive player on the team, but he raised up his level of play at critical moments. He always gave the team 100% and was on the court to do whatever it took to win the game. We will be glad to have Gotcher on our team next season. He might have to step into Crockett’s shoes and become the leader of this team next year.