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Recruiting on the South Plains: S Darreon Jackson Player Profile

Texas Tech has their 16th commit of the 2015 class in safety Darreon Jackson, from Derby Kansas.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech secures it's second defensive back commitment in Kansas' safety Darreon Jackson. Jackson joins Christian Taylor as part of the 2015 recruiting class and Jackson is the 16th commit for the 2015 class.

HT/WT: 6-1/190
FORTY: 4.48
HIGH SCHOOL: Derby (Derby, KS)
RECRUITING SERVICES: Rivals 5.5 | Scout | ESPN 73 | 24/7 Sports 83
VTM PROFILE DATE: December 20, 2014
OFFERS: Boise State, Army, Kansas, Kansas state, North Texas, Southern Illinois, Texas Tech, Tulsa, UTEP Wstern Illinois

THE PLAYER SPEAKS: Couldn't find anything at the time of publication of this post.

SCOUTING REPORT: Jackson is the second defensive back, the second safety, of the bunch. Jackson apparently attended Mesquite Horn with fellow commit Conner Dyer, who gushed about Jackson on the twitter thing after Jackson committed.

There's a ton to like about Jackson's ability and his speed really does jump off of the film. That's where you have to wonder about the level of competition that Derby plays (there's great football there, I just don't know a thing about Derby. There's one play where he has to chase down an offensive player and he makes up a ton of room and makes the tackle despite being 10 yards from the player. Not only that, but this also speaks to him not giving up on a play when it would be real easy to do so. Good job putting that highlight on the film.

That was eye-opening for me and given his size at 6-1, I really love the fact that he's already pretty mature for his size. Not only that, but his punt return ability really speaks to his elusiveness. He's really good finding seams, but his team is also opening some huge holes.

Given all of the punt highlights, I was left wanting a bit more in terms of his coverage skills, because there were some plays there, but the video below from a Dallas damp is pretty remarkable and you get a real sense of his coverage skills, as a safety, but really as a cornerback. Jackson gets some really nice height on the ball and makes plays. This tape probably gives me the most confidence about what Jackson can do. My biggest gripe about Jackson is that he has a tendancy to tackl a bit high at times. He's inconsistent in that regard. He'll have to learn he can't do that in the Big 12.

Darreon, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!