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Michael Crabtree Foundation Pledges $100,000 in Matching Funds for Scholarship Endowment

You can help Texas Tech as Michael Crabtree and his foundation has pledged $100,000 in matching funds to endow a scholarship in his name.

Ezra Shaw

Note from Seth: The following is from an old friend, kayakyakr, who was one of the initial contributors to Double-T Nation, but has been a staple on the Red Raider Sports board for a few years. I've been in email communication with kayakyakr over a handful of months as he wanted to present to Viva The Matadors' readers something that has been incredibly beneficial to the Red Raider Club, which is us ordinary and average folks donating to the Red Raider Club to endow a scholarship.

And I hope that no one looks at this as a "us versus them" sort of situation in that we're all Red Raiders here and even a small amount can help endow a scholarship.

I'll let kayakyakr take it from here.

Earlier this year, the folks at RedRaiderSports pooled funds to endow the Gabe Rivera Endowed Defensive Tackle Scholarship. The goal with this endowment was to allow people to give to their ability, a true grassroots effort. All donations, no matter how large, were important.

Fund raising for the second endowment started not long after and has been slowly ticking along. But the game has changed. The Crab5 Foundation has pledged $100,000 in matching funds to the campaign in order to endow the Michael Crabtree Wide Receiver Scholarship. This puts the goal of endowing another athletic scholarship much closer in view. The campaign has been opened up to ask for donations from all sources in light of this change.

As with the original scholarship, this is truly a grassroots effort. 70% of the donations are of less than $50 in size. What do you get for donating? Aside from being able to say that you've helped endow just the 13th position scholarship, donations are tax deductible and gain you RRC priority points.

At various times during the campaign, the RRC staff and organizers of the campaign have been able to put together various giveaways for anyone who has donated to the campaign. Currently there's a pretty cool giveaway going on: All donations gain an opportunity to win a pass to Michael Crabtree's on-field suite at the Baylor game in Arlington. Crabtree will be leading the team onto the field before joining the winner in the suite.

One More Note from Seth: For the Crabtree Suite giveaway, entry deadline will be 8 am on Monday November 24th. Will be drawn on 104.3, either on the Morning Drive or on Tech Talk.