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Recruiting on the South Plains | 2013 JUCO OT Aaron Bennett Commits to Texas Tech

Riverside C.C. offensive tackle may have switched to tackle earlier this year and had zero offers from any collegiate program. Now, Bennett is a Red Raider.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

PLAYER: Aaron Bennett

POSITION: Offensive Tackle
JUCO: Riverside C.C. (Riverside, CA)
VIDEO: Clip 1
RECRUITING SERVICES: Rivals N/R | Scout N/R | ESPN N/R | 24/7 Sports 78
VTM PROFILE DATE: February 4, 2013

OFFERS | Would you like off the radar? No offers that are listed from any of the four recruiting services.

STATS | Not anything that I could find about Bennett's offensive line play.

SCOUTING REPORT | Let's see. Bennett played right tackle this year, for the same Riverside C.C. team that produced LB Will Smith and IR/RB Sadale Foster. I wonder if they mentioned Bennett. In any event, in looking at Bennett's film, he's got good feet. Keeps his feet under him when blocking and moves well along the line of scrimmage in pulling. Bennett seems to finish his blocks (at least on his highlight film) and I don't think he's a bad player by any means. Bennett is just really under the radar. Of course, we thought the same thing about Foster, who was the least rated of any of the players from Riverside and I thought had the biggest impact last year. You could certainly argue Smith, but the truth of the matter is that none of those two were really rated or thought of at all.

According to this article, Bennett may have shown up at Riverside to be a defensive tackle ($). And this article from January of this year still listed Bennett as a defensive lineman. And this article from the team's site had Bennett's options as being down to New Mexico St. and Liberty. I think Bennett plays offensive tackle, but it wouldn't surprise me to think that Bennett played offensive tackle just part of the time this year and played defensive tackle at other times. Last night I couldn't figure out where Bennett went to high school. Finding things out about players is fun, especially when it is difficult and I like to think that I'm good at the internet. This morning, I figured out that Bennett went to Redlands High School in California. According to MaxPreps, he only had 14 tackles all year. I don't know how accurate those statistics are.

Aaron, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2013 Class | I can't keep up.