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Recruiting on the South Plains | 2013 JUCO DE Demetrius Alston Commits to Texas Tech

According to Hutchinson C.C. defensive end Demetrius Alston's twitter feed, he's committed to Texas Tech after at one time being committed to Cincinnati. I will not be linking to his Twitter feed.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

PLAYER: Demetrius Alston

POSITION: Defensive End
HEIGHT: 6'4"
JUCO: Hutchinson C.C. (Hutchinson, KS)
VIDEO: Clip 1
RECRUITING SERVICES: Rivals N/R | Scout | ESPN 75 | 24/7 Sports 78
VTM PROFILE DATE: February 2, 2013

OFFERS | Cincinnati, Kansas St., Tennessee, Texas Tech and Toledo

STATS | So I'm figuring things out about the NJCAA website in that not all of the statistics appear to be updated. So I went to the Hutchinson C.C. site to look for the stats on Alston and they are not overwhelming. Alston played in 2 games, had 8 tackles, 1.0 TFL and 0.5 sacks. That's it.

SCOUTING REPORT | Alston originally committed to Cincinnati as part of the 2011 class, but he apparently didn't qualify or maybe he redshirted in 2011. I'm not really sure. Alston played the 2012 season for Hutchinson, registering the handful of tackles. So this should mean that he has three years to play three seasons. I could be totally wrong about that. SBN's Cincinnati blog (that writer has retired) Down The Drive had an introductory post on Alston, so go read that because this makes more sense if you do. Alston was originally a 6-4/215 defensive end or defensive tackle or linebacker for a small school in Georgia. Generally, he was a three-star or two-star player, three-star by Rivals and Scout, but two-star by ESPN and 24/7 Sports.

The key is that he weighed just 215 pounds, which means that Alston has put on 35 or so pounds since he graduated. That's just amazing on a handful of levels. In reading DTD's profile of Alston, you get the idea that he is a very raw player that probably didn't have the benefit of big-time high school program.

So I think that even though Alston is a junior college guy, I think he still probably redshirts this year, or at least this is what I'd do if given the choice. Not a lot of experience on the high school level, still growing into his body, and not a lot of experience at the junior college level. Defensive end or outside linebacker is one spot that I feel okay. Now, if Alston does play, then I strictly see him as a defensive end in the 4-3 or outside linebacker in the 3-4. I don't think that Alston eventually transitions to a defensive tackle.

Demetrius, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

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