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Red Raider Jackpot: Hiring Kliff Kingsbury

12/12/12 has an obvious symmetry to it. DJ's mix the 1's and 2's. I think. I'm not really sure because I'm not that cool. Anyway, it's also the day Coach Kingsbury came home. Let's celebrate by gambling fake money.

Dead sexy jackpot
Dead sexy jackpot

During our weekly conversation, Seth and I discussed the possibility of making December 12th a National Holiday, or at least a holiday for all Red Raider fans.  We then got into a discussion about what we should name said holiday. Kliffmas? Maybe.  Twelve dozen is called a gross, so name it Gross Day? Might be good.  But then we sorta settled on some variation of "Kliffpot" since he was hired on 12/12/12 and Tech fans really hit the jackpot.

Sure, we're still in the middle of his first season and we're not ready to build a statue of him just yet, but we can create a slot machine for Tech fans to have fun with.  So here it is.

Enjoy the Raider Jackpot machine responsibly please.  Fake money doesn't grow on trees.

And on December 12th let's all wear V-necks and get wasted.

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