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Kansas State v. Texas Tech | Home Game Hotspots

Rise and shine one last time at the Jones, and celebrate the Lone Survivor Game.

"I will take a free breakfast buffet any time, any place." R.U.Swanson
"I will take a free breakfast buffet any time, any place." R.U.Swanson

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to someone. My favorite place to grub out at the break of dawn will be at the bottom of this post, but please add yours in the comments. Maybe there are some pancakes out there that need my attention, or some biscuits and gravy, or a Bloody Mary made with gravy... put that in your Ninja Turtles thermos.

Lubbock Events

The Maize! This could be your last chance.

Wednesday, November 6th

Senses Fail, For the Fallen Dreams,
Being As An Ocean, & Expire - 7:00pm

The Blue Light

Thursday, November 7th

Uncle Bill's Music Barn
(15002 Louisville Ave, Lubbock)

West Texas Folk Festival - 1st Night

This is the 2nd annual festival of its kind here in Lubbock, and it lasts three nights. Tickets are $10 each night and area available at Ralph's Records as well as the door. Students with ID get in for $5. The Music Barn is BYOB. The event runs from 6-10pm each evening with doors opening at 5:30pm.

The first night is hosted by Mark Wallney with the following guests: Today's Special, Sterling Massat, True Blue, Brandon Word, Derek Bohls, Chris Albright, Mike Pritchard, Darren Welch, and DG Flewellyn.

The Blue Light
Hayes Carll - 10:30pm

Friday, November 8th

Uncle Bill's Music Barn
West Texas Folk Festival - 2nd Night

The festival continues with host Curtis Peoples and the following guests: Andy Wilkinson, Dallas Owens, Lori Sealy, Concept, Sterling Masat, Pickin' on the Plains, Curtis Peoples Collective, and Elliot Powell.

City Bank Auditorium
An Evening with Anthony Kearns

Wild West
Kyle Park

The Blue Light
Jason Eady - 9:00pm

The Office
Whiskey Myers & Zane Williams

Bash Riprock's
Tejas Brothers - 9:00pm

Saturday, November 9th

Jones AT&T Stadium - 11:00am

The Lone Survivor Game will feature the largest number of Purple Heart recipients to ever gather on American soil. That's a hell of a thing, and it's an honor to have these men and women in attendance.

Uncle Bill's Music Barn
West Texas Folk Festival - 3rd Night

The final night of the festival will be hosted by Jenni Dale Lord and will feature Alex Sanchez, School of Rock, Hayley Burton Trio, Brian McRae, Wade Parks Band, Kent Mings, and Thomas Radcliff.

Filter - 8:00pm

Wild West
Jason Boland

The Blue Light
Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards
w/ Sam Sliva & The Good - 9:00pm

Bash Riprock's
Black Dutch Sioux - 9:00pm

The Office
Metal Shop - 9:00pm

Cafe J
Alma Quartet - 9:00pm


Lubbock Breakfast House (7006 University Ave)

It's the fourth 11am game of the year; you need to start it off the right way. The Breakfast House has quite an expansive menu, but I've never strayed from the breakfast favorites. It has a great diner feel, complete with mismatched white coffee mugs. The service has always been excellent, and so has the food. Check out their daily special while you're there, but it's hard for me to stray from the Farm House Breakfast: bacon, sliced ham, sausage links, two pancakes, two scrambled eggs w/ cheese, and home fried potatoes. All that for $7.99.

The Breakfast house is open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays then from 6am-10pm the rest of the week.

What say you, VTMers?