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What the heck is wrong with you Gilbert?

Gilbert manages my fantasy football team and he came up with our team's name. Our team is named Gilbert. Gilbert worries about things and would like to share his worries with all of us. This could be a weekly thing.

I'm so worried because we're in 1st place.
I'm so worried because we're in 1st place.

Chapter 12.

What if someone tricks Coach Kingsbury into thinking the Miami job is open because they fired the Miami OH coach so he accepts the job thinking he's gonna go hang out with LeBron James and Luther Campbell and instead he winds up in butt stink Ohio and he's real sad and we're real sad?

Chapter 13.

I worry about Iowa State's secondary because they are so dominant that they tend to dominate things. I was playing World of Warcraft the other night with Leroy Jenkins and some buds and all the sudden the Iowa State secondary came in and dominated us like a bunch of halo eggs and all stupid Leroy did was eat his stupid chicken.

Chapter 14.

I worry about knees because our quarterbacks have a combined 6 knees so what happens if all those knees blow up?

Chapter 15.

I worry about Coach Kingsbury not getting his outfit exactly right one time then all the sudden Joan Rivers is making fun of him and we're a total laughing stock and we might get kicked out of football.

Chapter 16.


Chapter 17.

I worry that Coach Kingsbury is just trolling us because he keeps rolling out white uniforms after Labor Day and he could get arrested.

Chapter 18.

I worry that the team is going to stay up too late on Friday night playing Sim City and they all oversleep and miss the game and we have to use the band and some old dudes in the stands to play against that dominating Cyclone secondary.

Chapter 19.

What about robots especially when they are chasing goats into trees.