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Recruiting on the South Plains | 2013 RB Daryl Chestnut Commits to Texas Tech

Columbus, Miami, FL, running back Daryl Chestnut commits to the Red Raiders.

Ronald Martinez

I must say that I'm a little surprised at this commitment, and it makes me think that anyone who thinks that high school players live or die based upon the results on the field aren't paying attention. That's not to say that results on the field don't matter. They do on some level, but maybe not as much as we think. Anyway, I'm surprised that Texas Tech has another running back commitment although I'm not totally surprised as he's been on my radar for almost half a year. I know that some of you are going to say that this is the third running back for this year and that's totally true. I'd also add that RB Jalen Rhodes had an awful year after committing in the summer. In part because of injuries, but the staff may be concerned about Rhodes ability to get healthy. Rhodes is also apparently a high character guy and I'm just throwing that out there as an aside.



Daryl Chestnut










Columbus (Miami, FL)


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November 20, 2012

OFFERS | Texas Tech, Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Florida St., Indiana, Kansas St., Kentucky, N.C. State, Utah St., West Virginia and Western Kentucky. The Florida St. offer seems strange in the midst of some okay offers. I think that if Chesnut had an offer from Florida St., he'd take it in a heartbeat. Either way, that's a pretty good offer list as Chestnut has plenty of options. I'd also add that this article says that Chestnut could get a Florida St. offer and this article says that he'd commit to Miami on the spot, but haven't offered him yet.

STATS | Everything that I can find for this year says that Chestnut has only rushed 44 times for 526 yards and 8 touchdowns. That just doesn't seem right. There are too many highlights from his film to just have 44 rushing attempts. There is 11 minutes of highlight video there. Anyway, if we base anything off of film, then he's pretty good despite what he's done this year.

THE PLAYER SPEAKS | Nothing yet that I can find that's free.

SCOUTING REPORT | This is a pretty good player, just based off of highlights.

Very much quick enough. Finds the hole quickly and can accelerate nicely. I think he has plenty of speed, but he doesn't out-run every defender, but he certainly outruns enough. Chestnut really reminds me of pre-injury Eric Stephens. I really like how he is accustomed to running between the tackles. I think that's a lost art nowadays, but it's an incredibly important trait in most offense.

Daryl, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!