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Recruiting on the South Plains | LB Kris Williams


You win one, you lose one.  Florida LB Erick Hallmon de-committed from Texas Tech late last week, but after the Rockwall camp, Texas Tech picked up a commitment from Bryan Adams linebacker, Kris Williams.  Personally, I liked the video I had seen from Hallmon and I'm curious as to why there was a de-commitment.  One thing to keep in mind is that the coaching staff can't comment on players and won't comment on players that de-commit let's just hope that the feeling was mutual.  One other thing, Matt DuBuc is the head coach at Cardinal Gibbons, which is Hallmon's high school and DuBuc is a former Red Raider and was also the coach of Shawn Corker.  There's a relationship there and it should be pointed out that Hallmon's father played at Miami back in the day. 

Let's get to Kris.

The Measurables:

Position: LB
DTN Profile
Video: Clip 1
Rivals N/A
Scout N/A
24/7 Sports N/A
Ht: 6'2" | Wt: 200 lbs | Forty: 4.58
High School: Bryan Adams (Dallas, TX)

The Player Speaks:  LAJ's Don Williams talked with Kris who said why he committed to Texas Tech:

"Ever since Michael Crabtree went to Tech, I really started liking them when he was there," Williams said. "When I was younger, I said, ‘That’s the school I want to go to.’ All through high school I said, ‘If Texas Tech offers me, I think I’m going to commit.’ It’s always been my favorite school."

After the jump, Kris talks about where the coaching staff told him he'd play:

"They told me I’m athletic enough to go both ways, but they want me as a linebacker," Williams said. "I didn’t have a problem with that. I told them I’ll play wherever they need me to play as long as I can play for Tech and make an impact at some position."

And Kris' high school head coach talked about Kris:

"He has long arms and, I think, the frame to carry 220, 230 pounds and still maintain his speed," Roberson said. "Take another year or so with the nutrition they’re going to give him and the workouts, there’s no telling how good he can be."

Roberson said Williams already has met freshman eligibility requirements.

"Great kid," Roberson said. "He’s already a qualifier. You don’t have to worry about him passing the SAT or that kind of stuff. He’s all set to go."

The Video:  Film don't lie:

Kris Williams Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)

Scouting Report:  As you'll watch from the film above, Williams displays pretty good athleticism, but for me, I didn't think he is an elite athlete.  Maybe the better way to state this was that maybe I was expecting a little bit of a faster player with his size, but perhaps that's unfair.  I am a little concerned about his speed, but maybe I shouldn't be.  I found this list from an ESPN camp where Williams' 40-yard dash was 4.85, but his rivals profile has him as 4.58.  Is that just a typo?  I don't think so as his shuttle run seems to reflect that the 4-yard dash time was fine.  Maybe he just didn't have a good day that day. 

The thing that I think makes me think that this is something I shouldn't be concerned about is that the coaching staff got a close look at Williams this past weekend and I can't imagine that the staff would have offered a scholarship to a kid that they hope plays linebacker and possibly safety that runs a 4.85.

One other thing is that Williams looks like the biggest receiver on the field.  He has a really nice stride when he gets going and can outrun opponents, but I don't think the quickness is there.  I can see why Williams likes Michael Crabtree in that he's playing receiver in high school, but is just stronger than the players in the secondary and seems to out-muscle some of his opponents.  The LAJ article does give Williams stats from last year and he played both ways.  On offense, Williams had 32 catches for 423 yards and 3 touchdowns, while on defense Williams had 41 tackles, 10 TFL, 6 sacks, and 2 PBU. 

I do like how Williams has already qualified and that's a big part of any scouting report.  It's nice to not have to worry about a player qualifying.  One other note, Kris was named to the first team District 4A - District 12 first team offense

Kris, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2012 Class:  Some day, Rivals will put out their rankings.