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Recruiting on the South Plains | WR Sadale Foster

Sadale Foster is the third commit from Riverside C.C., the first two being DE Lee Adams and LB Will Smith, but he's probably the biggest question mark in terms of what the recruiting services think of him. What we do know is that he's a terrific returner and Texas Tech could certainly use some help in that area, especially punt returns, and with the overall lack of depth due to injuries at running back, at 5-8/185, he just might be a guy that is like Ben McRoy, but more experienced, in that he might be asked to do a number of things for this team, which might include inside receiver, running back and returner extraordinaire.

The Measurables:

Position: WR
DTN Profile
Video: Clip 1
Rivals 5.3
24/7 Sports N/A
Ht: 5'8" | Wt: 185 lbs | Forty: N/A
JUCO: Riverside C.C. (Riverside, CA)

Just as a reminder, if it says "N/R" that means that there is a profile, but no rating. If it says "N/A" it means that I couldn't find a profile.

The Player Speaks: This will make the third time that I will have linked to LAJ's Don Williams article on Foster and his teammates committing, but Foster was the most talkative of the three and had this to say:

"I’d describe myself as a playmaker," Foster said. "I can make guys miss, break tackles and I’m pretty multi-talented and versatile."

Foster said he also drew recruiting attention from New Mexico State, Sacramento State, SMU and Louisiana Tech and Kentucky.

"I waited for the right opportunity to come along, and it happened to be Texas Tech," Foster said. "So when it came, I jumped on it.

"I grew up watching Texas Tech football. I know about their throwing offense. I have confidence in their throwing ability and the quarterback and the coaching staff. Tommy Tuberville is a great coach. That helped me a lot in making my decision."

Despite growing up in California, Foster said he has long admired the Red Raiders from afar.

"I’m a big fan of Michael Crabtree," he said. "Growing up, watching him break screens, score touchdowns, win the Biletnikoff Award two years in a row, that was a lot of inspiration for me."

Earlier in the year, there was this profile on Foster, who is labeled as a dual threat, for his receiving and kick returning abilities:

Sadale Foster is a not-so-secret weapon. The 5-foot-8 dynamo receiver gives defensive backs fits, but also thrives as a returner on special teams. He calls himself a hybrid and enjoys the spotlight of being a dual threat.

It’s on special teams where Foster could be invaluable tonight when Golden West visits Wheelock Field in what is expected to be a matchup between two hard-nosed defenses. Field position will be crucial and few in the state have been better at jump-starting their offense than Foster.

"When it’s punt or kick I know it’s Showtime for me," Foster said. "I know it’s on me. … When I’m back there I kind of feel like the Lone Ranger, but I like the pressure and putting everything on my shoulders."

Offers and Rankings: Foster had offers from Louisiana Tech, New Mexico St., Sacramento St., and UTSA. No national rankings or anything like that. If Foster pans out, then this is the definition of diamond in the rough.

The Video: Film don't lie.

Sadale Foster #26 (via footballjunkhead)

Scouting Report: Pretty relentless receiver and I like that. Foster plays both inside and outside. He's got nice speed and he's obviously out-running opponents, but it's tough to tell how fast he actually is. I think he's fast enough and sometimes speed only means so much as he's been awfully productive (as an aside, you can also see Foster being interviewed after a game to get to know his personality). Foster was his team's leading receiver with 56 catches for 750 yards and 12 touchdowns. In the return game, Foster had a 13.4 average for his punt returns and 1 touchdown and a 28.5 average on kick returns. That's pretty good, in fact that's freaking outstanding as far as punt returns are concerned, and Foster's return game alone may have earned him a scholarship spot. Texas Tech had a 6.07 average on punt returns, which is absolutely pathetic. RB Ben McRoy is just fine at returning kickoffs, but when McRoy went down, so did Texas Tech's return game.

One other note, there's been some talk that Foster may see some time at running back and he has the size to do this and obviously adept at catching the ball in the flat. If he can pick up the blocking schemes, then it wouldn't surprise me to see him see some time there, and would simply be a different version of what I think we want Ben McRoy to eventually be.

Sadale, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2012 Class: No update just yet, full table here, sans the JUCO commits.