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Vote Texas Tech: The More Chaos, the Better!

So, we find ourselves frying our brains and everybody’s arguing an unwinnable argument on who should get the trip to the Big 12 Championship game.  Well, voters, now is your chance to wreak ABSOLUTE HAVOC on the system all Americans have loved to hate.  Vote Texas Tech.

You ask, “Why should I vote for Texas Tech?”  My answer: Why the hell not?  If anything, to confuse the hell out of everybody and completely blow up this farce we use to determine the mythical championship team.  ESPN deal be darned – the people want CHANGE, right?

Secondly, aren’t you tired of all the whining from the Longhorns and Sooners about how YOU should vote?  What do you do when you have two kids fighting over the same toy?  You take it away from both and give it to the kid across the room.  You’re gonna hear the nagging and whining from somebody, so why not ignore both of the squeaky wheels and give a little grease to the wheel that came from the discount parts shop but still got you there?

What, you want like numbers and stuff?  Here’s a number for you – 1.  One loss is what all three of these teams have.  You wouldn’t have any reason to feel guilty.  11-1 is 11-1 is 11-1.  Head-to-head is completely useless because you’ll just be turning yourself in circles like Brooke Burke - Mmmmm…I mean…what was I saying?  Oh yes, football, chaos, and such.

Another factoid – the best common opponent not including the top 3 – Oklahoma State.   While all three won against OSU, Texas Tech was the only team to blow out the ‘Pokes in a 56-20 win.  Texas: 28-24.  UofO : 61-41.  As any Sooner will tell you, margin of victory matters, and last I checked 36>20>4.

 Another number – 88.  The number of seconds Texas led Texas Tech on November 1.  I’m sure you’ve all heard it was a last-second fluke that was the Longhorn’s undoing when, in reality, it was an awful first half.  How many opportunities did they have to stop the Red Raiders on that final drive?

So, my dear voter, I ask you:  Do you really want to see OU blow another BCS bowl game?  Do you really want to give the athletics department at UT even more money?  Like the American people wanted for the White House, we need a new, fresh face for college football, and that face looks like Mike Leach.